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Thoughts on being queer in a violent 2016

For the past week (& a bit), I’ve been thinking a lot about this blogpost. I’m sure we all know by now what happened in Orlando. The brutal attack on Pulse has send ripples through the global LGBT community and … Continue reading

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Kokoro no Sora: ‘Japan from the Outside’ as seen from the actual outside

For the past 8 years or so, I’ve been a fan of the Japanese group Arashi. Although I use the word ‘fan’, in reality it’s pretty lowkey and sometimes I don’t keep up with them for years. Recently, however, I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on unhauling books (+ a big unhaul)

Yesterday, I went through my shelves and picked out all the books that I either didn’t like, didn’t finish, or that I really don’t think I’ll ever reread again and didn’t like enough to keep around regardless.

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How to handle friends’ mental disorders/illness

Somehow, I’ve always found myself surrounded by people with a wide variety of mental illnesses. From eating disorders to depression to complex PTSD to borderline, I’ve seen it. I’ve often lived with these people in the same house, or seen … Continue reading

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Writing Slumps

With the amount of time I spend on booktube, I often hear the words “reading slump”. This means a period of time where you just don’t feel like reading, where no book really grasps your attention and where Netflix is … Continue reading

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Thoughts on abuse after re-reading Harry Potter

Last December, I re-read the entire Harry Potter series. From the illustrated edition of the first book, right on to Quidditch Through The Ages. It was interesting to reread these books as an adult, since I hadn’t really read them … Continue reading

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Current favourites/obsessions

Because why wait until the end of a month or year to talk about my favourite things. Share the love, people! Warning: contains snakes, violence, dancing in neon 90’s clothes, and rapping Founding Fathers.

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