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First 20 books of 2016

Despite still working my way out of a reading & writing slump, I have somehow managed to finish some books as of late. As such, I just reached the 20th book and decided to celebrate by writing a little blogpost … Continue reading

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First 10 books of 2016: a round-up

Last night, I finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo (yes, all 875 pages!). With finishing that, I have reached the first 10 books of the year, which I think warrants the first round-up as well!

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50 Books Challenge: DONE!

Guess who finished her 50 books challenge for the first time ever! That’s right – me! A couple of days ago I finished rereading Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, which turned out to be my 50th of this … Continue reading

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Mass book review: 10 (mini)book reviews in one post

Guess who just found out she’s 18 (!!) books behind on reviews? That’s right. Me. Do you ever have those moments where you just kind of want to slap yourself? Yes, well. That’s me right now. So I decided upon … Continue reading

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