My name is Charlotte, I`m 25, and welcome to my little blog! Here I do a whole variety of things: book reviews, movie reviews, opinions, photography series, extra commentary on my own YouTube videos, you name it! Though let`s be real here: I mostly talk about books. Apparently that`s my thing. Who`d have guessed, eh? (by which I mean: literally everyone who knows me IRL since primary school would have guessed so.)

Have a look around, maybe view some of my most popular posts, and don`t forget to follow me of course.

Find me elsewhere on the grand ol` internet:
YouTube  –  Twitter  –  Tumblr  –  Goodreads – Pinterest – Instagram

Read summaries of all the social media: Social Media Update!

See you later! And take care 🙂


2 Responses to About

  1. chindividual says:

    Heya, I rewarded you with the Sunshine Blogger Award! Find out everything about it here –> http://wp.me/p2YTXH-9J

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