Reading & Writing slumps


As you might’ve seen in my recent blogposts, for several months I’ve had a reading slump. I couldn’t pick a book to read, I wasn’t interested in the ones I was reading, and I was generally pretty much not interested in reading. I still read, because I’m me and I feel like I have a reputation to uphold by now.

Luckily, there’s been an uptick in my reading and I think I can safely say that, after 3 months of wrestling with apathy, I’m almost entirely out of this reading slump!


Now here’s the part that’s not over yet: the writing slump.

You might’ve noticed that alongside my reading slump, I also all but stopped blogging here. Which is a shame! I enjoy writing, my blog had been growing and I was proud of that growth. So what happened and/or is still happening? To be honest, I’m not quite sure. Did I just lose interest? Is it the same lack of motivation behind almost everything in my life at the moment? Is it just one of those phases?

I could go deep with this, and mention trouble at work, or the never-ending battle with depression and anxiety, or even just “I’ve been watching too much Japanese TV and now I’m addicted again”. All of these are true. And yet I’m sure none of them matter.

These slumps have happened before, and each time I uploaded a blogpost lamenting my struggles. Woe is me for I cannot write a Book Review. But I’m sure that, just as previous times, a time where I will blog more will come again. I will feel that strange itch again, that urge to write, and this little ol’ blog will still be here, waiting for me, patiently. Like a good book.

Unless something happens to WordPress. Or the apocalypse happens and we all die in blazing fire and doom. You never know! (But I’m guessing we’ll be fine.)

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