Random recommendation: Check, Please!

Every now and then, online or otherwise, you come across a gem of content. Sometimes it’s a musical (Hamilton), sometimes it’s a tv show (In The Flesh), sometimes, very occasionally, it’s a webcomic.

Yesterday, I finally budged after months of seeing Check, Please! on my Tumblr dash, and looked up the comic itself. And to my surprise, I was hooked.  Immediately. Now, just one (!) day later, I’m caught up with almost the entire canon story and have moved on to fanfiction. It’s just that good.


So what’s it about? Well, Check, Please – also known as “omg check please”, “omgcp” and just “check please” is a Tumblr-based comic about Eric “Bitty” Bittle, a new student at Samwell on an athletic scholarship. Bitty is tiny, gay, from Georgia, and has an obsession with pie baking. He also used to be a figure skater, but to get the scholarship he had to move on to ice hockey. This means that he has to join the Samwell Men’s Hockey team, and chaos and hilarity ensues from there. And it’s all chronicled through Bitty’s vlogs (except in comic form).

So, question time!

Isn’t there a lot of, you know, hockey in this? 
Yes. I know, I can hear all you booknerds going “EW” Jimmy Fallon style because ew, sports, amiright. But yes, there’s a lot of ice hockey. It’s kind of what happens when you make a comic about a group of hockey players. Luckily, there’s no need to worry if you don’t know anything about hockey (like me): there are sections in between where some of the boys explain parts of the vocabulary. Plus it’s not detrimental to following/understanding the story. Everything you really need to know kind of explains itself eventually.

Isn’t there a lot of, you know, food in this?
Yes. And yes, it makes you want to bake all the mini cherry pies. It’s kind of what happens when you make a comic about a group of student athletes, one of whom is a foodie who somehow manages to make pies appear within 5 minutes of stepping into a kitchen. It’s kind of magical, to be honest.

What exactly is that interesting about students playing hockey anyway?
There’s drama! Background stories! ~~luuurve~~ – and not straight love! Actual LGBT representation! Basically, it’s a romcom with a lot of hockey and pies, and it’s hilarious and amazing.

But I don’t have the time to sit and click through this comic for ages! 
Lucky you (well, depends on how you look at it): I caught up on the entire comic in roughly 1,5 hour, a large part of which was spent trying to click the tiny >> on my mobile with half frozen hands. Of course, it will take longer to get through the entire canon, tweets and all, but it’s definitely possible within a single day. The biggest problem I had, was moving on once I finished. Which I didn’t.

I’m interested, but I don’t know where to start! 
Do not worry, my good friend! I come bearing gifts. Specifically, the gift of a link to the story in chronological order. You’re welcome.

I’m all hooked and now I need people to flail to! 
Please, PLEASE leave a comment here and I will flail with you. Or you can send me a message on Tumblr, or both!

I need more sources! 
Official Tumblr  (in reverse chronological order, so beware of spoilers!)
Story in chronological order
The whole story complete with tweets & extras (complete up to about 5 months ago)

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