My favourite podcasts

All the way back in 2014, I wrote a little thing about podcasts, and the sole podcast I occasionally listened to at the time (Hello Internet). Since then, I haven’t grown into an avid podcast listener. Soz.

However, now there are more podcasts that I do listen to (albeit still occasionally). I thought I’d share them with you, and maybe you lot’ll have some recommendations for me as well! I’d love to find more, for those cold days where holding a book at the trainstation is just too cold for my poor hands.


( (Soundcloud)

The show about science with your personal astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson (most of the time, although occasionally replaced by Bill Nye – things could be worse, eh). This podcast is probably one of the most famous science podcasts out there, if not THE most famous. And rightfully so! With interesting interviews, comedy, and interesting insights, this one’s worth tuning into.

Downsides: the sound quality is sometimes terrible, especially with pre-recorded interviews being discussed there. Also, this one has commercial breaks.

Dear Hank and John

(Soundcloud) (Patreon)

Or as John prefers to think of it: Dear John and Hank. This is a comedy podcast about death, that provides dubious advice to listeners who’ve send in questions. The show always starts with a short poem (that’s sometimes not very short), answers questions, brings news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon. Although “podcast about death” and “dubious advice” makes this podcast sound, well. Dubious. It’s actually really fun, engaging and interesting, and at times serious and down to earth. It’s best to start from episode 1 though, because there are more and more inside jokes and you might want to catch up. Also they’re just worth listening to.

Downsides: none? I genuinely can’t think of a downside? The brothers are always fun to listen to, their conversations are at the same time interesting and usually hilarious, and I just recommend this podcast to anyone. Also: no sponsor commercials! Except as an inside joke. But the podcast is funded through Patreon, so no commercials for websites or vegetable boxes!

Generation Anthropocene

Easily the most academic podcast in this list, this is a podcast by Stanford University about our changing world, and how humans are involved in all the change. It covers all kinds of topics, from sky burials in Mongolia to the connection between climate and conflict, to the evolution of fire. The format changes from reports on site to one-on-one interviews with specialists, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

Downsides: the irregular formatting and style makes it a very inconsistent podcast. Not every episode is going to be as interesting or engaging, so it’s sometimes a bit of a guess. And I definitely recommend it for people who are interested in the space where culture and science meets. That said, it’s very diverse in its topics and surprisingly accessible to non-academics.

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