What’s in my bag? (untagged tagpost)

I know, I know, ‘what’s in my bag’ posts & videos are so 2015. But you know what? I’ve never done this tag before, and I just got a new bag that I’m really happy with so I’m going to show it off to everyone.

I called this the untagged tagpost, because I didn’t actually get tagged by anyone (does this even work with tagging? I don’t know), I’ve just been wanting to do this for a long time! I never got round to it, but since I have this new bag, I figured I’d simply have to make the time for it today.

Get ready for a ton of pictures! (People with slow modems/connections: I’m so sorry. Trust me, I feel your pain.)


This is my bag! It’s all new, I’ve only had it for one week. It’s from the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam online shop (I’ve never actually been to the museum, but thank the gods for internet), and I am absolutely in love with it. And as anyone who knows me IRL can tell you: I almost never say that about bags. But for this? Yes. I love it.


Obviously, as a bookblogger, I always carry a book around with me. I’m still working my way through this massive one, so it always comes with me wherever I go. The books change regularly, though I really almost never go anywhere without one! I don’t put them in a separate bag or pouch though, like I know a lot of booktubers do. I just don’t mind that much that they look used, my books don’t need to be all pristine and perfect and new-looking. I buy a lot of them secondhand anyway, so they already look very used, so it doesn’t really matter to me. It’s much more important that I actually read them.


Three more items I always carry with me: my phone, my music player, and my headphones. Yes, I still use a separate music player! It’s so old it doesn’t even have playlists or a coloured screen or anything, all it really does is play music. And I am fine with that! I prefer not using my phone’s limited energy and internet. My phone, by the way, is the HTC One M8, and it’s…alright, I guess. You can’t see it here, but my screen is actually broken (it has massive black spots on it), but I do like that it’s very thin and that the back of it is metal, which is always nice and cool and smooth in my hand. The headphones are from Apple, and I usually get them for free because my parents both have iPhones but don’t use the headphones, so I take those.


This little bag is my cosmetics/necessities/OCD bag. You’ll see why I call it the OCD bag in a bit. Either way, this is a small bag with two zippers from Primark that I picked up for very cheap. I really love polkadots, so this was great.


This is what’s in the OCD bag: some antibacterial wipes, hand disinfectant, contact lens fluids, tissues, hair ties, a contact lens container, and a small box with some band-aids. I think you can see why I call it ‘the OCD bag’! But really though: this is a combination of liking to be prepared, having actual health anxiety, and just generally being a massively clumsy person.


Next up, is my glasses & their little container! I got the glasses holder from a friend as a souvenir from Japan, and I’ve been dragging it around with me ever since. The glasses are old and so dirty the glasses are actually a bit scratched. I really need new ones, but I don’t have the money, so. These’ll have to do for a while yet.


On the top left there is my wallet. It’s just a cheap (but cute!) wallet from Primark. I’ve had my old wallet for over 10 years, and it was starting to literally fall apart so I really needed a new one. On the right is my passport case, which is just a simple leather case, nothing special. On the bottom left is my public transport card holder, that I bought at the British Museum a couple of years ago.The text on it is from the stone of Rosetta, and I absolutely adore this case. I really don’t want to replace it, even though it’s really starting to fall apart. It’s a dilemma!


I’m not going to show you everything in my wallet, because it’s frankly not that interesting, but here are two tidbits I do always put in it: my entrance card to the Harry Potter studios in London, and the omikuji (the little green paper) I got in Japan. It’s a very lucky one, though it’s almost 6 years old, so it’s not much use anymore. But I like the idea that I always have little tidbits of London and Japan with me.


Here in the Netherlands we got a new law from January 1st this year, that states that plastic bags are no longer allowed to be given away for free and everyone needs to pay for every single plastic bag. I’m 100% for this law, and besides, I’ve been carrying around cotton totebags for months already anyway. The one on the right is one of my favourites, I think you can see why. I think I bought this one at a bookstore in either Utrecht or Maastricht. The little blue pouch on the left is a fold-up bag that’s made from nylon, I think. It’s a bit sturdier and more rain-resilient than the cotton ones, plus it comes with a small bag attached to it that you can fold it into. Very useful for groceries and the like! These go with me almost anywhere, and I can just throw them in the washing machine if they get dirty, so I definitely recommend it to everyone to get something like this, too!


Some loose tidbits that I always carry with me, from top left clockwise: a small box of pepermints, my Lush Honey Trap lipbalm, Dove deodorant, some candy for sore throats (my throat hurts very easily and these have a nice lemony taste, so I always have some lying around), and handcream by Sante, that I brought from Germany. It has sheabutter, is biological, and only costs a couple of Euros.


And finally, I always have some pens floating around in my bag. I try to bring a notebook or some paper with me, though sometimes I forget. This notebook and the pens are all from Dutch store HEMA, and the notebook is from a special selection with recycled paper and made by women in developing countries to help them get on their way. Plus it’s pretty!

And that’s what I carry around with me every day! The contents of my bag do change, sometimes I (obviously) forget things, and I very often have to add things like lunchboxes, food, keys (not shown here because they were downstairs and I’m lazy af), work-related items, you name it. But this is a fairly accurate collection of the basics. It’s not nearly as heavy as you might expect! Either that, or I’m just stronger than I think I am.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you guys again soon!

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