Writing Slumps

With the amount of time I spend on booktube, I often hear the words “reading slump”. This means a period of time where you just don’t feel like reading, where no book really grasps your attention and where Netflix is infinitely more interesting. There are myriad videos and posts floating around on how to beat these reading slumps.

I don’t have a reading slump at the moment (cue a ‘knock on wood’ moment here). I do have a writing slump. Not a writer’s block: I have plenty of ideas, I’ve been writing several of them. The writing itself isn’t the problem.

The problem is my lack of confidence in what I write. I often struggle with a lack of self-confidence, and my writing is not excluded from this problem – far from it. In fact, it’s one of the first areas where I notice my depression returning. I start feeling like nothing I write is good enough, that my writing itself isn’t good enough. It quickly turns into a vicious cycle, where I start feeling dumb and inadequate, and these feelings in turn make me feel like everything I write is terrible, horrible, no good whatsoever.

Since December, I’ve been trying to upload a blogpost fairly regularly. I even have something resembling a schedule: a book review on Mondays, no posts on Sundays (no Harry Potter reference intended), Wednesdays are entire optional because of a lack of time, try to talk about something else than books once a week. And it’s been working fairly ok, I haven’t been uploading as frequently as I would like, but it’s been much more than I expected, and I’ve still been getting more ideas and plans for what I would like to do.

But lately, nothing feels like it’s good enough. I look back on what I wrote, and it’s so much simpler and badly written than I thought at first. I also definitely don’t feel like I’m ‘authorised’ to write about books, which is just plain silly. And so I end up, like I’ve been doing lately, with a lot of unfinished drafts and an increasingly long list of blogpost topics I don’t write but instead stare at while my tea grows cold and my brain does not cooperate.

It’ll be fine again eventually, I know these things don’t last forever. And once it gets better, I’ll try to write a blogpost on how to beat these kinds of slumps. For now? I might just use this blog as a dumping place for whatever thoughts happen to be crossing my mind (with some control over it, don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a giant mess of just rambling. No more than usual, at least.)

After all, apparently the best cure against writing problems is to just write. So I’m going to do exactly that.

Have you ever had a problem like this? How do you get out of these kinds of slumps? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to Writing Slumps

  1. I go through writing slumps all the time… The only way I stop it from affecting my productivity is that I keep every idea I’ve had written down, and in those times of the flow slowing down, I peruse through my collection and see if something tickles my fancy. Other times I’ll work on images for my books and articles, or the website, or, do something fun on social media, maybe some research into something I enjoy… all of these things rip me from the clutches of inactivity very quickly. But in saying that, it is also important to have periods of rest to let your body and mind recuperate and file away activity, so a veg on the couch with a movie every now and then is actually good 🙂
    Writing a letter or having a conversation can also lift me out of a slump. Even playing a game of making up stories for people you see on the street while languishing in a cafe… I like to switch up my routine to help stir up my creativity.
    I don’t like the pressure of posting or writing to a schedule either, kind of give myself room to breathe. That way in times when I am incredibly productive, I can schedule that work for times when the muse has gone on vacation…
    That’s just my experience – creativity needs stimulation of some sort – don’t forget to feed your brain!
    Happy writing 🙂

    • kojitmal says:

      Ugh, writing slumps suck, don’t they. I already do most of the things you said, although once I’m in a really bad slump none of the ideas I’ve written down sound like something I can work with at that moment. I do, indeed, usually end up just watching a movie. I do firmly believe that sometimes, pushing through is the best way out, and you just have to keep going sometimes and write one word after the other no matter how long it takes. Although I also believe that sometimes, that’s the *worst* thing you could do. It’s all a big guess!

      Either way, thank you for reading, and for leaving this amazing comment! 🙂

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