January wrap-up

As it’s the first week of February, it’s time for my January wrap-up! To be honest, it was a very mediocre month for me, in terms of media. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the gloomy month, maybe everything I watched & read truly was a bit meh. I don’t know. Either way, here’s to hoping February will be a better month!

I finished a total of 6 books in January, which is very good, for me personally! Granted, most of them were very short, and one I’d started sometime September last year. But since I’m also currently just over halfway through The Count of Monte Cristo, I’m pretty happy with the amount of reading I’ve done! Besides, with 6 books finished, I’m at 12% for my Goodreads challenge, and that’s 2 books ahead of schedule! Going to try and keep it that way.

The first book I finished was Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On. It was…alright, I guess? It definitely had some issues with the whole “definitely NOT Harry Potter!” thing it had going on, and I couldn’t help but feel it was missing something, but overall it was alright. 3/5 stars.

After that, I went on to finish Homer’s Iliad. The first half was a bit boring, to be honest, though by the time Patroclus started meddling with the war things turned way more interesting. Was it enough to salvage the book, in my opinion? Nah. Still glad I read it, as I do feel like I gained a ton of knowledge and general development. 2/5 stars

Post-Iliad, I figured ‘why not just start a new classic immediately’, and went on to choose between Don Quichote and The Count of Monte Cristo. It became the latter, and I am currently at page 473 of 894! Slowly but surely getting there. I have to admit that so far, it’s lost a lot of its speed though, and it’s become more of a struggle to continue. But I’ve been told it does pick up again, so onwards we go!

Still, while slowly working my way through 900 pages of French adventure, I decided that weekend-reads are a good decision. The first of these was A Wild Swan, by Michael Cunningham. This was actually a birthday present from a good friend, which made reviewing hard. Still, in the spirit of (blunt) honesty, I thought this book was extremely cynical, yet interesting. And the fact that it made me think about how cynical most modern-day fairytales are, showed that it definitely had an impact. 2/5 stars

The next weekendreads, quickly summarised as they all left kind of the same ‘meh’ feeling, were: Mary Poppins (by PL Travers, 3/5 stars), The Theban Plays (Sophocles, 3/5 stars), and finally Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Halloween Rain (3/5 stars).

As for movies, January was a very bad month. I only watched two!

The first movie of the year was The Danish Girl, which, again, was mostly just alright. There was a lot of crying, and while I do want to learn more about the real Lili Elbe and the Transgender movement & development, I also have somewhat conflicting feelings about this movie.

The next – and only other – movie I watched, was Cast Away. You know, the one where Tom Hanks strands on an island after a plane crash and only has a volleyball to talk to for 4 years. I actually really did enjoy this movie, I’d give it 4/5 stars, which makes it one of the highest scores this entire month! Not bad, for a movie entirely dependent on one actor, a volleyball, and a tiny cave.

And that’s January 2016 in a nutshell! Here’s to hoping February will have the first book and/or movie with a 5 star rating!

What did you read and watch in January? Anything that really stands out, and that you’d like to recommend to me? Let me know in the comments below!

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