Books that made me cry (in the best way)

Sometimes there are moments, where you need to cry but the tears just won’t come out. Until you read a specific book, that is. And sometimes you just feel like reading a really sad book (but with a good ending, of course!).

Because yes: I’m someone who cries over books. I have a lot of Feelings, alright. No, but really, I judge how good a book is by whether or not it makes me really feel all the feelings. Bonus points if it makes me actually cry. Those of you who have read a lot of my reviews will know that a lot of books make me go kind of “eh”, which means they didn’t completely grasp my interest. But those that do? Oh, boy.

So today I’m here with some of the books that made me cry in all the best ways.

A Monster Calls


What a gem. Written by Patrick Ness, after a story started by Siobhan Dowd, this tiny book (less than 200 pages!) is a beautiful, heartwrenching story of a young boy whose mother is terminally ill. This is about grief, and feeling lost, and not knowing what to do, and not being alright at all, and all of that being okay. I sobbed my way through this book, though by the time I closed it I felt like something had healed that I didn’t even know needed healing.

(Also, the movie is coming out later this year, so you might want to  read up before seeing the adaptation!)

The Help


I know this is one of the more controversial ones, but I’m 1) up for lively debates, and any book that helps people think about past and current problems is a good book in my opinion, 2) I’m a sucker for happy endings. This is a book that didn’t make me cry with sadness, but cry with relief and happiness. The movie, I should add, does the exact same thing.

The Song of Achilles 

13516154 (1)
Did I say I was going to talk less about this book in 2016? I lied. Such a beautiful book, it first makes you soar, then wrenches your heart out and it’s just endless streams of tears from there on. And it’s 100% worth it.

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