Go-to book recommendations

As someone who’s known for reading quite a bit, and who is surrounded by other people who read lots, I often see the question “what should I read next?”

Turns out, if you get asked this question often enough, you end up with some standard responses. I figured I’d list them here, both for your entertainment and out of my own laziness (this way, I can just link this blogpost whenever someone asks me again).

The Song of Achilles 

13516154 (1)
No really, as soon as someone asks “but what should I read now?” I (metaphorically, of course) throw this book at their heads. It’s worked with about two people, so far.

The Martian

Science, humour, and a gripping story. What’s not to love. This is a must-read for everyone, and I treat it as such.

Howl’s Moving Castle 

A fun book with magic and a main character who’s main arc is to grow self-confidence. I recommended it the other day to someone who could use a confidence boost. I don’t think she actually started it (boooo) but the point still stands.

The Three Musketeers


For a 19th century romance, this book is surprisingly funny, adventurous, and easy to read. I had more fun than I thought I would’ve, and it’s a rec for anyone who’s even vaguely interested in swashbuckling adventures.

Chaos Walking trilogy


One of the best YA trilogies I’ve read, and that’s including Uglies and the Hunger Games. These books were an obsession, okay. I burned food for these because I couldn’t put the book down during cooking. I can’t give a higher compliment than that.

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