Current favourites/obsessions

Because why wait until the end of a month or year to talk about my favourite things. Share the love, people!

Warning: contains snakes, violence, dancing in neon 90’s clothes, and rapping Founding Fathers.

1. Hamilton 

To be honest, I hadn’t heard of 1) Secretary of Treasury & US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton or 2) Lin-Manuel Miranda until just a couple of months ago, when suddenly almost all the Americans (and a couple of non-Americans) I follow on the internet started talking about this musical – and didn’t stop talking about it.

Obviously I had to check it out, and despite some reservations (“Why should I, as a white non-American who lives on the other side of the Atlantic, be interested in a musical about the founder of the US financial system that’s told entirely in rap music”) I’ve very quickly grown to absolutely love it. Plus I once again got reminded to not be so quick to judge, which is definitely a thing I struggle with (glad to be proven wrong regularly though!)

Time to start crying about never, ever being able to see it live on account of, as I said, living on the other side of the Atlantic.

2. This song by MisterWives 

The lyrics might be a bit repetitive, but to be honest it doesn’t even matter that much. This song is just really catchy and fun and I’ve been listening to it a lot.

3. Atlas Obscura 

Technically this has been a favourite for a while now, but they just keep coming up with really strange and wonderful articles and videos, and I keep loving it all.

(Trigger warnings for all social media accounts for: death, snakes, bodies, gore, unattached limbs & body extremities, clowns, disaster, really fucking weird things in general. Did I mention the clowns yet? Because ew, clowns.)

4. The marketing campaign for the upcoming Deadpool movie 

To be honest, at this point I hardly care anymore if I’m really going to enjoy the Deadpool movie or not – just the marketing campaign is already worth the attention. From the 12 days of Deadpool leading up to the new trailer released at Christmas, to the random bits of video, posters, and other marketing released regularly, I’m enjoying the lead-up to this movie immensely.


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