2016 anticipated films

With the current onslaught of trailers for movies due to be released next year, I figured it was time for a quick round-up of movies I personally really want to see next year.

It’s going to be a good movie year, people. It’s going to be really, really good. We’re not only getting some highly anticipated (by me) superhero movies like Captain America: Civil War and Deadpool, but both Disney and Pixar will be releasing new movies, there’s a new Harry Potter-franchise-related movie, and just overall it’s going to be great. I know I say that every year, but I do actually mean it every year, too.

So here’s a list of movies that I know of and am looking forward to. What movies are you looking forward to next year? Anything you think I should definitely watch? Let me know!

(Please note all release dates are for the Netherlands, and are very likely to be different from wherever you are in the world.)

The Danish Girl (14 January)

I know, I know – more trans people should play trans people. I agree. And it’s the first (and only) thing that makes me uncomfortable about this movie. At the same time, I do think it’s absolutely great that we’re getting a major movie with major actors about a LGBTQ+ topic, and it looks beautiful. Besides, I have utter faith in Eddie Radmayne’s acting skills. This movie is going to be heartbreaking, obviously, so I will definitely bring a box of tissues to the cinema for this one.

Deadpool (11 February)

I’ve never read comics. I’ve never liked comics, I hadn’t heard of Deadpool until relatively recently, I’ve never really seen him in action – all I know about Deadpool is what I know from the trailers, the tiny bits I’ve seen in the Wolverine movie, the marketing for this upcoming movie, and Tumblr. So all in all, very questionable. But oh boy does this look great. This looks hilarious – violent and dark, yes, but also hilarious. (And while we’re on the topic of LGBTQ+ themes: Deadpool’s confirmed pansexual. As a pansexual, this makes me really happy and excited.)

Fun fact: the Deadpool promotion team have figured “12 days of Deadpool“, running from right now up to christmas, is a good idea. I have to say, I agree.

Zoolander 2 (11 february)

I watched the original Zoolander movie for the first time earlier this year. I’d always dismissed it as something ridiculous I wouldn’t like. I was wrong. In fact, I loved it. And judging from this trailer, Zoolander 2 is going to be equally ridiculous and equally fun.

Hail, Caesar! (18 february)

Oh come on, if this trailer doesn’t make you laugh, then I don’t know what will. This movie looks amazing, and I can’t wait.

The Jungle Book (20 april)

I’m actually not too sure about this movie. Not sure if it’s going to be beautiful, or if it’s just going to be yet another cliche, Dark and Serious remake of a fun children’s movie (and, admittedly, very weird book. No really, I read it. It’s very short and not memorable.) I’ll wait and see what the rest of the promotion campaign for this movie does for me, and then decide if I really want to go spend money on it or nah.

Captain America: Civil War (28 april)

BRB, busy crying over Bucky, and Tony and Steve’s friendship, and BUCKY.

Erm, suffice to say, this is my most highly anticipated movie of the entire year. Consider yourselves warned.

X-Men: Apocalypse (19 may)

Aw yes, we’re heading straight into my childhood territory. I was one of those children who regularly sat down to watch the X-men cartoon, which probably explains why I’m so excited to see Jubilee and Storm. But even outside of that, this movie looks pretty amazing.

Finding Dory (29 June)

I remember little 13-year-old me, being a Teenager and pretending not to be that excited about Finding Nemo. I got taken to a cinema an hour away from home by my brother and sister to watch it on a special screen (I don’t remember what was special about it, to be honest). 25-year-old me is mostly curious about this movie for nostalgia’s sake. I’m mostly just going to wait for more information on this movie to be released, though I’ll probably go see in the cinema anyway for the heck of it.

Ghostbusters (14 July)
(there is no trailer for this movie yet)

I love silly movies, I love the original Ghostbusters, and I especially love that we’re getting an all-female version this time. I really do hope that Chris Hemsworth is reduced to useless eyecandy that needs saving while the women do all the work, even if just for all the fun and giggles.

No but really though, this movie better be good.

The Secret Life of Pets (3 August)

This teaser – which doesn’t actually give any of the plot away – was released earlier this year. It was a big hit in my family at least. Plus it’s from the makers of Despicable Me/Minions, which, before you immediately drop out: the Despicable Me movies are good movies! Too bad about the merchandise overdose, but it does give me good hope that this movie is going to be really fun.

Doctor Strange (3 November)
(this movie is currently in production, there is no trailer yet)

To be fair, at this point I’ll throw my money at anything the Marvel Overlords give me. Even if it involves Benedict Cumberbatch – who I mostly stopped caring about – and a very peculiar storyline that doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the MCU at the moment. Granted, I didn’t see Ant-Man in the cinemas either (I have, in fact, still not seen it), so who knows. It might take me a while to see this one, too. I’ll let it depend, again, on the marketing & the trailers.

Fantastic Beasts (17 november)

Aw yes more Harry Potter-related movies. Did I mention I’m a big fan of Harry Potter? As in, big enough to be rereading the series at the moment and to take pride in my Hogwarts house (Ravenclaw)? And did I mention I have utter faith in Eddie Radmayne to pull off any role ever? And let’s be real here, “wizard takes magical creatures with him to New York in his suitcase, but a couple accidentally escape and cause mayhem” sounds like something that would cause the Ministry of Magic a lot of headaches and like they’d rather be rid of said wizard.

Moana (1 December)
(there is no trailer for this movie yet)

Not much might be known yet about this new Disney movie, aside from “Polynesian girl goes on massive trip on her boat because of an old legend” and “Dwayne Johnson does one of the voices”. Okay, maybe a tiny bit more is known, but with very little artwork and no trailers out there at the moment, I’m going to be basing my interest in this movie off of the facts that 1) this is Disney, 2) this is a non-European story, 3) I’m a culture nerd so this is right up my alley.

High-rise (31 December)

Creepy Utopia? Check. Tom Hiddleston being broody in a suit? Check. Strange flashes of things being not entirely utopian? Check. My interest in this movie? You had me at “Tom Hiddleston in creepy Utopia (and in a suit)”. The boy can act, and the concept of this movie sounds really interesting. Combine that with a really original, non-standard trailer, and I’m in.

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