Movie review: Inside Out (2015)

I`m sure everything that can be said about Pixar`s latest film, Inside Out, has been said already. I`m sure everyone has already seen this movie – twice. I`m sure there`s no use whatsoever in my adding my own two cents, so I`m going to keep this short.

I`m going to write a review anyway.


It`s difficult here in the Netherlands, especially if you live in the non-urban areas, to find a cinema that has animated films in English and at a good enough schedule so you can get there by train (and more importantly: back home afterwards). I`m unlucky enough to live in an area with very few cinemas and even worse train schedules, so when I got invited to Utrecht by a friend, one of the first things I looked up was if we could see Inside Out anywhere.

As it turns out, the only option available for us was to watch the 2D, Dutch dubbed version. Surprisingly enough, I was absolutely okay with it, and enjoyed the movie!

This movie, as you might`ve heard, is a bit darker than most Pixar movies. It deals with a lot of serious topics, most importantly of which is depression in children. But it deals with these topics very, very well indeed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well emotions were portrayed, how both the personification of emotions and the characters whose heads they resided in, went through journeys both literally and figuratively.

Inside Out teaches some very valuable lessons in a very easy to understand and brightly coloured way, while being nostalgic & fresh at the same time. On top of all that, it`s (apparently, I have been reliably informed) scientifically accurate in its portrayal of brain synapses, short-term and long-term memory, and how emotions can influence both old and new memories.

Did I think the movie was absolutely brilliant, a masterpiece, the best of Pixar yet? Absolutely not. It had its boring and even slightly annoying parts, and I wasn`t impressed enough to keep thinking about it like I often do (in fact, as soon as we walked out of the theater I started focusing on other things).

Still, I did enjoy it. As did the rest of the world, apparently.

Did you see Inside Out? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

And for now, take care 🙂

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One Response to Movie review: Inside Out (2015)

  1. T Martin says:

    It was the best I’d seen this year. Hilarious, tear jerking, sad…hits all the right notes perfectly.

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