Social Media Update!

Since I reopened my Instagram account yesterday, I figured this might be a good opportunity to give you all the full list of social media where you can find me. The good ol` Official List of Official Links (the ol` OL OL? I`ll show myself out, goodbye.) For clarity`s sake, I`m going to add roughly what I use said platform for, for your choosing convenience. And feel free to subscribe/follow me on any one or all of these!

WordPress (
d`uh, you`re reading it. You`re here. But if you`re new here or you`re just unsure what this random collection of blogposts is all about: this is where I mostly do reviews of books & movies, and sometimes tv shows. This is also where I put my YouTube videos, sometimes with some extra explanation.

I basically consider my WordPress blog the base of my social media. This is where everything is based on, this is where I always return to, and what I build on. This is also the platform with the most followers, nearing 200 at the time of writing!

YouTube (
Where I make videos, obviously. These seem to mostly be about books nowadays, though I like talking about other things that interest me as well occassionally. I`m always – and I do mean always – in the process of planning new videos with new ideas, though most of them don`t end coming to fruition, unfortunately.

But this is, together with this blog you`re reading, the most important part of my social media. My YouTube channel is where I put actual effort into the branding & style, and it`s the one I`m usually most focused on progressing.

Tumblr (
There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to my Tumblr account. While I post my YouTube videos there as well, it`s otherwise a mess of reblogs. It`s a collection of things I find funny, things that cheer me up, fandom (mostly Merlin and Marvel), and some social justice-y things. Also science, sometimes. Just take a look and see if you like it!

Twitter (
Twitter is the first place I go to to 1) announce things, 2) rant and 3) stay up to date with other people/YouTubers. There`s not much more to say about it, really. I retweet things I find funny (essentially treating it like a second Tumblr), and sometimes I try to talk to people. 

Goodreads  (really long link I can`t be bothered to put here. Just click.)
All the updates on books I read! Here you can find what books I`m currently reading, which books I like, what I want to read, etc. I can be very behind on book reviews, so if you want to see immediately what I rate books I read, go find me here. Here you can also find the books I abandoned, and the books I don`t even bother mentioning on WordPress.

Pinterest (
This is where I collect pictures of my other hobbies outside of books! Because as it turns out, I have other interests as well. Specifically relating to Pinterest, these interests include: fashion, plants, gardens, more fashion, food, and some other minor interests.

Instagram (
I tried using Instagram before, a couple of years ago, but then I quit at some point. So I`m trying again now! Here you`ll find pictures of not just what I`m reading, but also where. I also actually do like photography, so this will be more of an experimental place where I can try out what does and doesn`t work well. I also decided to learn how to do proper selfies, finally, so this is where you`ll find some of those as well. So if you`re interested in seeing my face, this is where you should be.

And that`s all! Like I said, feel free to check out any (or all) of these, and go forth and follow.

Take care, and I`ll see you guys soon!

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