100 movies in 2015: part four

Time for another update on what I`ve been watching! I posted the last update in May, so apparently I managed to watch 10 movies in the last month (and a bit). Sounds good to me! I should probably up the tempo a little if I want to make it to a 100 by the end of the year, but unfortunately with work and other things I haven`t had much time and energy to really sit down to watch movies.

But at least I`m still watching and loving movies! I don`t know if there was any discernible theme going on for this part, though I did notice there`s still a lot of rewatching of movies I`ve already seen at least once if not multiple times. There are actually only 3 movies in the next 10 that I hadn`t seen yet! I mean, I always knew I liked rewatching movies but I didn`t realise the majority of movies I watch are rewatches. So that`s an interesting new statistic!

For those of you interested, here is a link to all the previous posts.

31. Hercules

Rewatching this movie reminded me of the fact that it`s one of my least favourite Disney movies. I think I rewatched it because I`d just read The Song of Achilles and I was looking for something fun & Greek. But I`d never really liked this movie, and after reading up on Greek mythology? I`ve started really disliking it now. I mean: Disney, for real, how on earth did you manage to take a perfectly fine and interesting story and turn it into this monstrosity. Not even just the story, I also don`t like the music and the drawing style.

I love Disney, but this movie is terrible.

32. The Princess Diaries 

I can be very short about this movie: enjoyable, but that`s about it. It`s not super good, also not super bad. Nice for a fun, light evening watch after a day at work, just don`t expect too much of it.

33. Jurassic World 

Considering this movie is really still very new, I watched this at the cinema. I wrote a review of it here, but TL;DR: despite recognising its countless flaws, I genuinely enjoyed this movie. What a great ride. So much fun. I`m not even being sarcastic.

34. Saving Mr. Banks 

This movie is one of my favourite movies on this list. In fact, it`s one of my favourite movies on any list. I have all the love for this movie. Not only that: this is a prime example of the kind of movies I adore. I basically like movies set in the 50s/60s with this typical very warm and colourful colour scheme (and often including Tom Hanks). Other movies like this that I love are Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal and The Help, so if you like any of these you`ll probably like this one, too.

Either way, I recommend this movie to everyone. (Bitter)sweet and moving and funny and heartwrenching, amazing performances from everyone involved, the kind of movie that makes you sigh all happily.

35. The Da Vinci Code 

“It`s a fleur-de-lys!” exclaimed the famous symbol expert who apparently didn`t know the fleur-de-lys was used by half of Europe and is an extremely common symbol.
“I can`t believe it, it`s a rose!” exclaimed that same famous symbol expert who apparently completely missed that the rose is even more common than the fleur-de-lys.
“This movie is ridiculous why am I watching this again,” sighed the Dutch girl who took two days to watch this movie because she kept cracking up at how bad it is.

You`d think, with 1) the mystery & the puzzle, 2) the amount of amazing actors that I love in this movie (Tom Hanks! Audrey Tautou! Paul Bettany! Ian McKellen!) and 3) my love for the book, that I would love the movie. Well. I don`t. I`d forgotten about how much I don`t love this movie, until I rewatched after 9 years. I`ll probably make the same mistake again at some point, but for now: lesson learned.

36. Brokeback Mountain 

This was the first time in roughly 10 years that I watched this movie. It was only slightly less awkward for 25-year-old me than teenage-me, though it was slightly more heartwrenching. It was also surprisingly less impressive and a bit more ridiculous. I`m still conflicted, as you can see, as to what I actually think of it.

I`d also forgotten how slow this movie is. I think I liked that? It had that real sense of a nice, calm summer day up in the mountains, except with more gay.

Still, I`m just going to stick to listening to the (absolutely amazing) soundtrack.

37. Chonmage Purin (AKA the Ultimate Bae) 

Apologies for only having found the trailer in Japanese. If anyone knows of a trailer with English subtitles, please let me know so I can put it up?

This movie is my ultimate favourite. I`ve seen it ridiculously often, I`m starting to know entire sentences by heart, it`s great. If you can find a version with subtitles (I watch without because I know enough Japanese to follow this movie with no trouble), I definitely recommend it. It`s so cute and heartwarming. It also makes you want to eat all the cake. And I don`t even like cake. But man does this movie make the cake look nice.

I mean, I`d also like a cute boy to make the cakes for me, but that`s not a definite requirement.

38. Entre les Murs 

It was a bit of a toss up between Entre les Murs and Etre et Avoir, but Entre les Murs won on account of it being on Dutch Netflix. I remember having seen Etre et Avoir in French class  in high school and really enjoying it, and I guess I was hoping for something similar in Entre les Murs.

I was wrong. So, so wrong. This movie is boring. Why did this win prizes. Why was this even shown anywhere. Why did the writer of the book get the lead role in the movie. Why was this such a boring egotrip.

I don`t know how I finished watching this, but I do know that by the end I was quite annoyed. Not recommended. Go watch Etre et Avoir, it`s much nicer and cuter.

39. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
I can`t find a proper non-spoilery trailer on YouTube BUT I did find this video of Mark Gatiss discussing the movie so you can also watch that instead.

I really enjoyed this movie. I was glad to finally see the movie that had such a massive influence on the BBC show Sherlock, and I was glad to catch up a tiny bit more on Sherlock Holmes movie adaptations. Admittedly, I`d somehow gotten the image that this film is very Gay: it`s not. There are some moments, yes, but overall it`s another Holmes movie with interesting and outlandish cases. This one is also very humorous, and had several very interesting moments. I`d recommend this to all Sherlock Holmes fans who`d like a slightly different views on the stories.

40. Howl`s Moving Castle

Howl`s Moving Castle is one of my all-time favourite movies. I don`t remember how often I`ve seen it, but I know I`ve been watching it several times a year since I first saw it as a teenager. This is such a great movie, magical on so many levels. Go watch it if you`ve never seen it, because trust me, you`re really missing out on a beautiful story. Then go read the book by Diana Wynne Jones as well, because they`re both great in really different ways.

Definite recommendation for everyone who likes magic and romance against all odds and stories that defy all proper descriptions but suck you in and don`t ever let you go again.

And that is it for today! If you have any recommendations for me on what to watch next, do let me know! And if you`ve seen anything fun lately or seen any of the movies mentioned here, feel free to come talk about it!

Take care, and I`ll see you guys again soon 🙂

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