Charlotte does Youtube: YouTube crisis

Apparently it`s time for my seasonal “YouTube crisis”. Yes, yes. I know I get these a lot. Bear with me. This summer`s crisis: my lack of both ideas & creativity, and technical possibilities.

You see, for the longest time I`ve been extremely limited in terms of video making because of my tech. My camera kept quitting on me, I can`t edit on my laptop because it will overheat and potentially crash, and editing on my iPad is not only extremely limited but iMovie also has a tendency to crash at least twenty times.

I mostly fixed the camera part, but iMovie has just gotten a whole lot worse at the same time. Suffice to say, I`m really very frustrated.

Add to that, that although I would love to do more tag videos and fun things, I seem to have reached some kind of mood where I don`t feel like I`m good enough. I don`t feel well read enough for most book tags, I don`t feel funny and creative enough for other videos. I don`t just want to do hauls because I like slightly more in-depth videos than just “look what I bought”. By which I mean that I`m okay with a monthly book haul, but that should be about it.

All this is to say: I`m calling out to you guys for help. I need to kickstart this creative thing, I need some new input, and that`s where you lot come in. There`s currently 192 of you here, so surely one of you has some ideas.

Is there anything you want to see me do on YouTube? A specific tag, or an unspecific idea I can run with? Is there a topic you`d like to see me talk about, or something you`d want to discuss with me? Or do you have a question in general, whether it`s something about you personally or something about books or science or university or anything else?

Or do you have any other advice? Something you think I can improve on, or something that you really like of me that you`d like to point out but never had an opportunity to do?

Keep in mind that I both want to and have to keep my videos under 5 minutes, if I want to upload anything in proper quality.

But if you have anything you`d like to see me talk about, leave a comment on this post or hit me up on Twitter!

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