Movie review: Jurassic World – spoilerfree!

The Jurassic Park franchise was, for me, a massive part of my childhood. Sure, I had the obligatory dinosaur phase, but my biggest doses of dinosaur definitely came in the shape of these movies.

I have my parents to blame for this. They love the movies, they used to have the book (I stole the book at some point, though I don`t remember anything about it). They took the entire family to go see the 2001 movie for their wedding anniversary celebrations. Hell, I came home today with the DVD of the first movie and my dad said: “why did you bother buying that, we have the DVD`s”. This is coming from people who own like 5 DVD`s and don`t know where they are. “This one`s in the attic!” Great, dad, glad at least I own one that we can reach easily. And that`s mine.

All this is to say: I was excited for this movie because 1) it was nostalgia, it was part of my childhood except I could see in the cinema as an adult, 2) Chris Pratt, 3) RAPTORS.


Aw, puppies :3

So I went to see it pretty much as soon as it came out, i.e. last Saturday. And contrary to – apparently – most people, I very much enjoyed this movie. I loved it.

Before I start flailing everywhere, let me split this review up into sections: commentary, cinematography, music, and `everything else`.

Let`s get this out of the way: this movie is not perfect. It has flaws. It has pesky humans. Blegh. When are we getting a movie with a velociraptor lead, I wonder?

I could tell this was a Spielberg movie, considering there were very ~emotional~ and ~serious~ scenes that almost had me choke on my popcorn. There was one scene in particular, that I won`t tell you any details about, but it was obviously supposed to be a sobstory. Instead, my mind was helpfully supplying images of that controller of the Truman Show. You know, him:


“Now slowly add some dramatic music. Zoom in on his face. Yeees, good.”

So that didn`t work out too great. You know a movie tries too hard to be sentimental when you get images of that ^ guy. Sometimes, it seemed to forget that this movie is mostly about a dinosaur themepark with actual living and breathing dinosaurs, which is a slightly ridiculous concept to begin with.

On top of that, it felt at times like I wasn`t the only one who was really very nostalgic. The moviemakers seemed to be as well. From gratuitous use of the original themesong (more on that later), to the reuse of the original park`s doors to the reuse of complete scenes from the first movie. No really: some entire scenes were almost identical. This lessened as the movie progressed, but it did bother me for a while.

What also bugged me: all the different storylines that felt rushed (no really, so many storylines), Chris Pratt in a non-humouristic role.

AKA Was The Scenery Pretty? (Yes, yes it was).
To be honest I don`t know enough about cinematography – and I don`t have the money to go see this multiple times in the cinema to write down pointers – to write about interesting visual choices. But, I did notice some things:

-the makers really did their best to make this a pretty movie. It did work, if in a slightly cliched way.
-sometimes, the pretty was slightly over-the-top and had me chuckle because of the cliches.
-but overall this was a very visually pleasing movie.

Meh. I thought the music was just, average. It did not sound interesting, it did not sound original, in all honesty to me it just sounded like the exact same soundtrack as the movies in the 90`s mixed in with your average blockbuster thrilling orchestra music we get so often today. Can`t wait for movies to develop further and create actual original OST`s again.

It was really good to hear that theme song again – but it would have been even better if we`d only hear it like once, maybe twice. I didn`t keep count, but I very distinctly remember thinking “enough already with the theme song, I get it, we`re in the themepark, I KNOW.”


Now where`s Chris Pratt.

I know, I know, “blabla, complaint, blabla, this sucked”. “But Charlotte, you said you liked the movie!”

I do! I really did enjoy this! I just like to complain about everything. So here`s a list of points that made me very happy indeed:

-Jurassic World is really very exciting and had me on the edge of my seat. I spent a large chunk of the movie terrified for the characters – and I`m including the dinosaurs in this, because they were really very interesting. They`ve given some of them personalities!
-kickass ladies who run through forests in skirts and high heels!
-kickass business ladies who mess up and work really hard and do a good job but are also wellrounded people!!!
-Chris Pratt with lots of grease and shmuck and guns and hmhm I approve of this part.

No but really, I had so much fun during this movie, despite the commentary above. I thought it was a decent movie at least, with interesting characters with different motivations. They treated the women with respect. I especially thought the character of Claire especially was really interesting.

No really: Claire is what it`s all about, if you ask me. Her character and her development was by far the most interesting out of all the human characters.


I highly recommend you watch this movie – although judging by the box office numbers, chances are everyone here has already seen it. Don`t expect anything super original or mindblowingly good, and don`t expect any scientific accuracy or even anything resembling actual science, but go for the fun of it.

I, for one, have started buying merchandise already and will definitely keep an eye on any sequels to this one.

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