100 movies in 2015: part 3

Though I`m obviously not going to make it to 100 movies this year, I have already reached 30 so I figured it`s time for another update! You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

As you might notice, there was a bit of a theme running through the second half there. It started with Avengers: Age of Ultron, that I loved. I`d very much like to see it again, but unfortunately my amount of money is very limited and had to be spent on other things than train + movie ticket (SADFACE), so I haven`t been able to go see it again just yet. Instead, I picked up the slack with some other superhero movies.

The other two movies that don`t fit entirely in the superhero range? I`ll explain those later.

For now, let`s not spoil too much! Here`s what I`ve been watching lately:

21. Legally Blonde
Before anyone says “ugh, you watch so many typical chick flicks”: first of all, chick flicks are fun. Second of all, you obviously have never seen Legally Blonde. I have, several times, and I will undoubtedly watch it several times more.

This movie is heralded as a feminist movie and for good reason. It takes stereotypes, and doesn`t just turn them upside down but enhances them, shows the people underneath. Yes, Elle Woods is blonde, pretty, and has an extreme love for fashion and the colour pink. But not only is that ok, she stays that way and uses the knowledge it`s given her to her advantage.

For real, this is one of the best feelgood movies out there, because it shows that you`re allowed to be who you are, even if other people push you into a stereotypical category at first. Teach them wrong.

22. The Truman Show
One of the first movies with the reality show concept, this movie was, if I remember it correctly, actually made before the whole Big Brother madness started. Obviously after 1984 was already released, though I`m not sure if those two should be compared.

Again, this is a feelgood movie that I have watched several times and will absolutely watch several times more often. I don`t have any particular well-thought reason as to why, I mostly just think this is a very good movie and I really enjoy it.

23. Krabat
This German movie (don`t worry, I looked for a trailer with English subtitles especially for you guys) is the movie version of one of my favourite childhood movies. But don`t let that fool you: this is dark and gritty and unrelenting. In all honesty, I`m a bit surprised they let me read that book so young, although I`ve heard it`s normal in Germany.

The movie version isn`t great. It`s enjoyable, it`s interesting while it lasts but utterly forgettable once it`s finished. Which is a shame, considering the book left a massive impact on me, enough to remember it for 15+ years. I`m glad I watched it, even if just because I now know I can sort-of watch movies in German without subtitles and still know fairly well what`s going on.

Bonus points for this movie for having Daniel Bruhl. We`ll see him next year in Captain America: Civil War, and after seeing him in Krabat? I can`t wait.

24. Big Hero 6
This is one of the most recent computer-animated Disney movies to show up, and though I think it got quite a bit of buzz in the States, it didn`t get even nearly the same amount of attention here in the Netherlands. And I have to admit it: it was fun, but not super great.

I did, however, love 1) the diversity of the characters. Asian, black, white, latina, mixed race, it`s all there. There are different body types and different interests and different characters with different motivations. It`s great. And 2) SCIENCE. Any movie where science gets heralded as The Best Thing Ever does right by me, and this one absolutely does. There are no sudden magic powers, there`s just science, then testing, then some more science.

I mean, there`s also the “genius 12-year-old orphan beats literally everyone around him in intelligence and ingenuity” which is a bit of an annoying trope – ironic, considering the amount of genius-characters in this list alone – but there it is anyway.

25. Avengers: Age of Ultron
I mean, I wrote a spoilerfree review of this one here (I want to see it again before I write the more in-depth review), but overall: I recognise there are massive flaws with this movie. Like, truly massive ones.

Did that stop me in any way from thoroughly enjoying this movie? Nope. I loved it. I immediately wanted to go back to see it again. I love this silly universe with its silly superheroes, I sincerely love it with all my heart.

26: Stardust 
Again, this movie is a rewatch: I own this one on DVD, I`ve seen it a couple of times before. Yet for some reason I never realised the main actor was Charlie Cox (he plays Tristan Thorn) until I bingewatched Daredevil on Netflix. After finishing Daredevil (I`m about to finish it a second time, actually) I wanted to see more of Charlie Cox`s face and there it was: Stardust. Perfect, I whispered to myself as I happily clicked the button on Netflix, being entirely too lazy to try to get the DVD to work on my crappy ol` laptop.

This movie is a bit of an exception, personally, in that I like the movie more than the book. I borrowed the book once from a friend and thought it was very average. The movie, however, is very entertaining and cute, and I recommend it over the book.

Bonus points to this movie for the buccaneer outfit. I`d also like to start a petition to make Charlie Cox wear those kinds of outfits with longer hair more often. Please. Do it for me the fans.

27: Captain America: Winter Soldier 
If someone were to ask me what my favourite movie so far is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I`d probably pick this one. From the background of Bucky/the Winter Soldier to the way entire systems collapse to the way Steve is so obviously struggling with PTSD and loneliness and not knowing his place in the world and what he wants from it in return. That last one, especially, is something that I think resonates with a large part of my generation.

But I also just have all the Feels for the whole Bucky situation. It can literally make me tear up anytime I think about it a bit too much, which is always.

I am very invested in these characters, ok.

28: Iron Man 3
Iron Man was my first favourite of the Marvel superheroes, and like all first favourites I eventually move on to settle for another character though I`ll always have a certain sense of nostalgia for that first one. I do enjoy these movies, and I very much appreciate the depiction of PTSD and anxiety attacks, especially as someone who suffers from anxiety herself. I`ve done the “I can`t sleep so I`ll just keep working thing”, it`s not something I recommend but it is something I recognise.

This movie is probably also the best of the three Iron Man movies, even if just because it`s such a massive step forward in Tony`s character arc. This movie explains so much of his way of decision making in Age of Ultron as well, and it gives AOU that extra layer of background and understanding.

Plus the sarcasm is great as always.

29: Guardians of the Galaxy 
If Captain America: Winter Soldier is my favourite of the MCU movies, Guardians of the Galaxy is probably my least favourite. I expected a lot of it when I saw the trailers, and having already seen Chris Pratt in Parks & Recreation I was very excited to see this.

I thought it was very disappointing.

This time was my second time viewing it, and to be honest it`s still not my favourite. I can see why people like it, it`s just not for me.

30: Sherlock Holmes 
How could I NOT love this movie. I mean, I own several movies, tv shows and books related to the Sherlock Holmes stories, I keep up with some of the news and new developments, plus I adore both Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. This movie was perfect. Still is. I love every minute of it, from Downey`s slightly awkward British accent to the snark between Holmes and literally every other character that shows up. I like how it`s a more explosive movie, literally, taking a whole new spin on what`s usually done in a very calm matter.

Possibly one of my favourite adaptations ever.

And that was it again! Let me know what you think of these movies, and if you have any recommendations for me. Really: I can always use recommendations.

Thanks for reading, and I`ll see you guys again soon!

Take care 🙂

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