Charlotte does YouTube: Why I love superheroes

In today`s not-at-all-surprising turn of events, I can`t stop talking about superheroes.

Just to clarify: Yes I know superheroes are fictional characters. Yes, I can tell the difference between reality and fiction. No, that`s not stopping me from treating these characters as if they are real nor does it stop me from finding support in how they deal with problems. Yes, I have talked this over with my therapist and she has agreed with me that fiction creates a safe space to figure things out for yourself, and that seeing how fictional characters solve or deal with certain situations can help with facing your own problems. (And also, as is the case with books, that it`s good to see other people`s thought process, even if it`s an author talking through a character, because it still creates a means of looking inside someone`s head and seeing how they deal with issues similar to mine).

And despite popular belief: I also have no desire whatsoever to either be a superhero or to be in a world with superheroes.

That said, did I mention that I really love superheroes? Because I do.

(In a only-vaguely-related topic: Captain America: Civil War has started filming today and I am very excited about this. Also RIP Chris Evans` beard.)

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