Movie review: Avengers: Age of Ultron (spoilerfree)

This is a spoilerFREE review. If you have not seen the movie, this review should be safe to read. If a spoiler did slip in, please let me know so I can remove it, but I have absolutely tried my best to avoid all of them. There is, however, mention of things happening in the trailers and I do talk about some of the characters` storylines though I never mention any names or specifics.

If you want a more in-depth review that`s full of spoilers, just give me a couple of days. It`s a work in progress at the moment, and less easy to whip up than this one. But as soon as it`s here, I will link to it and we can totally start a discussion because I need people to flail to about this movie.


I would like to congratulate Marvel on the Worst Movie Poster In History.

Last night I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Yep, that`s right: Europe gets this movie before the US does. This is probably one of the few times I`m happy to live in Europe.

Now, as I have mentioned several times before, I am a massive fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And I do mean massive: I might forget some details or the names of some characters (who the hell is Rumlow?), but darned if I don`t keep up with every update and spazz around for at least a month in the run-up to a new movie release.

So the thought of seeing this amount of my favourite characters in one movie? I could barely stand it. I was so, so excited. But I was also nervous. What if I wasn`t going to like it? What if it was terrible, the end of the Marvel era at last? What if I was already spoiled beyond belief because of the insane amount of trailers and information dumped on us by Marvel? (I did, at one point, stop watching the trailers just because I felt like I already knew the entire movie).

I shouldn`t have worried: the movie did not disappoint.

First off, let me just clarify that the trailers don`t do anything to ruin the story. They gave a very vague outline of what the story might be like, and they give a bit of an impression of the amount of action sequences there will be. That`s about all you can learn from these trailers. Having now actually seen the movie, I can promise you that most of the scenes in the trailers have been taken way out of context.

Second: this movie is so good. I`m not even kidding when I say it didn`t disappoint. Right from the very first second, this is one big action-filled and very dramatic movie. I was tense for the whole run. There were no real lulls or boring parts, though there are a couple of scenes that did annoy me somewhat.

As per usual, there is a lot of humour in it as well. There were definitely moments where the entire room just burst into laughter because someone in the movie made a silly comment. And that`s good, you need the humour to lighten up all the drama. Because oh boy, is there drama.

That said, the movie did feel rushed and filled with maybe too many characters (and still not the one I wanted to see most of all). There were so many people around, clamouring for screentime, that the background history of some of the new characters is reduced to maybe two sentences, and that`s what you have to build on for the rest of the movie to explain their entire reasoning and behaviour. It gets difficult at some points, because it`s so hard to connect when you only get a tiny bit of information before the action starts again. The same goes for some of the established characters. There were some very dramatic scenes that were absolutely meant to raise Sad Feels and they just…didn`t. Besides that, it absolutely felt like some characters were there for the sake of being there. Does that make sense? You`ll know when you see the movie.

There is one character who gets so much more screentime than in the first movie though, and it`s amazing. I`m so glad to see more of him, finally. At the same time, his was the storyline I was the most worried about. I spent the entire movie terrified of his fate.

In fact, I left the theatre with a heart beating so fast I was sure that one day, I`ll get a heart attack in the middle of a Marvel movie. These movies will literally be the death of me someday.

But despite their blatant flaws and sometimes questionable casting (so many white boys), I love these movies to bits. And Age of Ultron? It`s already gotten a nice little home in my heart and it doesn`t look like it`s going to leave anytime soon.

Now, who`s up for seeing it a second time with me.

P.S. There really, REALLY, isn`t an after-credits-scene. Trust me. I waited just to be 100% sure. And then missed my train. Total commitment for you guys, right there. Going through the trouble so you don`t have to.

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