General update: spring 2015, AKA How I Ended Up With Two Jobs Within One Month and Was Very Tired. Also: Pinterest.


With everything happening in my life lately, I figured it`s time for another general update! I`ve done these before, as those of you who have been following me for a while will know. But for everyone who doesn`t: a general update is exactly what it says on the box. I talk about some things happening in my life, give you some updates on the status of some ongoing things, and that`s about it! Pretty straightforward, eh.

So, let`s go!

  1. In which I somehow get two jobs
    At the end of February, out of the blue, I got a call. It was a shop where I had handed in my CV months prior, and it turns out they`d kept it and when they needed new people they called me to set up a job interview. Of course I went, the interview went pretty great, and I got invited for a second one after which I got hired. I usually work between 3 and 20 hours each week, though they probably want me to work more in the summer holidays.

    Now, just after I`d started this new job, I got another call. I had still been sending out job applications, and had responded to one about copywriting for a travel agency. It was technically a job meant for students, to get experience, but when I explained that that`s exactly what I need, they went “alright! I`ll send you a topic for a text so we can judge if we want you or not”. They did send me (within half an hour!), I wrote the text, and I am now writing between 2 and 5 texts a week. It`s been a bit of a struggle, to suddenly actually get feedback on my writing, especially as they send them back almost 100% changed. But on the other hand it feels so good to be earning a bit of money through writing, which is literally a dream I`ve had for years.

    So out of the blue, within one month, I got two new jobs. They`re both only for a couple of hours, and I don`t earn a lot of money so I`m still on welfare as well, but it just feels good to be out and about and earning my own money and actually working at something.

  2. In which I volunteer more than ever 
    I`ve been doing volunteer work for a local LGBT organisation since last September. I`m their content editor, which means I`m in charge of writing/controlling articles and the newsletter. I`m also in the PR/events group, and sometimes show up on things like events to hand out pamphlets.

    Now, that`s great and all, but it hadn`t been going too well. I won`t go into too much detail, because this is group of good people and I don`t want to give a bad impression, but don`t worry: meetings were had, we all got to have our say, and we made some new agreements. We dealt with it like total Pros.

    It`s been going a lot better, and I have been getting – a LOT – more work. And I do mean a lot. This is great, of course. I love that I actually get to do things. But two things happened:

    1) I realised I have difficulties with this sense of sudden responsibility, not having had any responsibility to speak of for years, and
    2) This happened around the same time that I got 2 new jobs, which means that:

  3. In which I am always tired 
    Between two new jobs – that may not have a lot of hours but do take up insane amounts of energy -, more volunteer work, general household chores, a ton of problems with welfare, therapy of course, and keeping up with friends and a Social Life, I got even more tired than usual.

    Because surprise! Having your life suddenly change everywhere while still dealing with a ton of other issues is exhausting. Who`d have guessed.

    And here we – finally – get to the point of this blogpost: I haven`t had much time or energy or inspiration to write for this blog. I`ve been trying, obviously, and now that I`m getting a bit more used to the chaos I`ll hopefully have more time to be here again.

    The same goes for my YouTube channel. I`ve had some ideas for videos, but no energy whatsoever to actually deal with my still broken camera and still broken editing software to make something. It doesn`t help that I`ve lost 5 subscribers over the past month. This might not sound like much, but when you always have less than 50 subscribers, 5 is suddenly quite a lot to lose in just a month`s time. The consistent lack of progress here is tiring as well, and I find myself constantly wondering what I should be doing. I`m not really sure, so I think I`ll just muddle on with the ideas I have written down and see what happens. As soon as I find the energy.

    In the meantime, here`s my latest video:

  4. In which I barely read any books
    As a result of all this exhaustion, I`ve barely read in the past week or two. It doesn`t help that I figured (with help of a friend) that picking up War and Peace was a good idea. It wasn`t. Though then again I`m not sure when there ever will be a good time to pick up a monstrously large book like this.


    974 pages of oh-my-god-what-is-happening-I-don`t-remember

    So no books at the moment. I should add here that I have been spending a somewhat insane amount this past week reading fanfiction. I`m back in the “Bucky Barnes is the saddest character I`ve ever seen and I want to cry whenever I think about him” phase, which is arguably the wrong phase to be in with the new Avengers movie coming up, but alas, it is here anyway.

    Outside of fanfiction, there`s been two other, interlinked, obsessions though: my plants, and Pinterest.

  5. In which I rescue plants from terrible watering schedules
    Basically, something I don`t talk about much on my blog and YT but actually spend a lot of time on, are my plants. I have an ever-growing collection of all kinds of plants, though mostly cacti and succulents. I`m very rapidly running out of space to put them, though that`s in no way stopping me from getting more from the discount corner in the garden stores my parents and I love to visit. I call those discount plants “rescue missions” because this is where all plants, regardless of their actual needs, get thrown together and get the same watering schedules. Can you imagine a cactus on the watering schedule of a tropical plant? Yeah, not good.

    Outside of the plants themselves, I also have a ton of containers to put them in, special cacti/succulent soil, and just in general supplies most people with plants don`t even consider buying. I also may or may not spend an embarassing amount of time cooing at my baby cacti that I`m growing from seed.


    So tiny. This thing is maybe 1cm tall. It took him almost an entire month to even get this far, and it`s the biggest one in the bunch. The rest is even smaller. I especially appreciate the tiny, hairlike spikes. So threatening. So cactus. Wow.

    This is not a new thing per se. I have, in fact, always liked plants. I got it from my mother, who has always had and always will have plants absolutely everywhere and who is just as incapable of leaving a garden store without several new plants (my father just stands somewhere with the shopping cart with our dog in it, both of them just sighing and shrugging a lot while staring at my mother and myself as we flail at all the cute plants). But over the past couple of months, I`ve been a lot more serious in taking care of them, with sort-of keeping track of how much water each plant gets and what they like to have and where I put them in my room, and generally learning more about them.

    I have been considering talking more about them on this blog and my YouTube channel as well. It never hurts to talk about your hobbies & passions, right? My plants might not be the biggest or most beautiful or even most healthy plants around, but I like (most of) them and I like talking about them.

    But Charlotte, how does this tie in with your newly promoted Pinterest? Well, dear readers: I use my Pinterest for a couple of things most of the time: plants, clothes, and home deco. Pretty standard, I know. But I happen t0 have an interest in these topics and some more, as you can see if you click on the link. So if you`re interested in…what I`m interested in. Then go forth and follow me there! Just know that there are a lot of pictures of succulents there. Succulents, pretty dresses and houses, and some Bucky Barnes, because I`m me.


    Cue the sound of my heart breaking into a thousand pieces because of the terrible-but-perfect storyline that is that of James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes.

  6. In which I realise I talk too much 
    So I`m just going to stop here.

If you`ve actually read all of that: kudos to you! Let me know if you did, and I`ll applaud you from behind my computer where you can`t see it, but just know I do. Feel the digital approval. Imagine the salute.

In any case, this has been the General Update for spring 2015 with all the topics I can think of that I feel like I should/can address. If you`re wondering why I barely talk about therapy, it`s because I don`t have much to say about it. It`s been going well? I`m still going? I`m feeling a bit better and slightly more confident at times, so yey for improvement! But I really don`t have much more to say about it at the moment.

As always, feel free to leave a comment down below if you have anything to say, anything at all. I`ll see you guys again soon, and in the meantime: take care! 🙂

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