The I Love Spring booktag


Cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan. (Please don`t take this photograph without my permission. Copyright is mine. I took this photo. I know it`s pretty, that`s why I still have it. Just make sure to ask me for permission if you want to use this picture! Thanks!)


Spring is upon us (technically already started, hush), the weather is a-changing, people`s moods are also a-changing, flowers are blooming and grass is turning green again and colour is slowly returning to the world. So I thought the I Love Spring book tag would be fitting to do right now! I do genuinely love spring, even if I say I love whatever season we`re in at the moment. But I love the sense of rebirth, of renewal and new chances in spring. I love that sense that we`re celebrating coming out of those dark months, that we made it through again.

As for this tag: I` m aware that 1) I`m late with jumping on the bandwagon, see me care, and that 2) this is usually a YouTube tag. But I decided to write this into a blogpost instead because why not. So let`s go!

1. How is spring where you live?
It`s…eventful. We definitely don`t get a calm, nice and easy spring. Spring, for us, has a massive temper, changing from sun to rain to hail to snow to everything all at once. Everybody gets ill all the time, you will always dress wrong, if you think you need an umbrella it`ll be a great day and vice versa, meteorologists stress out like mad. We get a lot of storms as well (but never when you expect it and they`re either gone within no time or last for days). The flowers and the birds are surprisingly hopeful, despite the flowers getting buried under inches of snow again just when they`re starting to bloom.

It`s pretty great.

2. Most anticipated book release this spring?
Carrie Hope Fletcher`s All I Know Now is something I`m looking forward to! I`m probably pre-ordering this quite soon, actually. I wanted to order through Waterstones but something went wrong just after I entered my creditcard information and my anxiety skyrocketed so I wimped out. I`ll try again soon though!

I`m also very interested in Kazuo Ishiguro`s new book, The Buried Giant. I`ve never read any Ishiguro (yet) though, so I`m not 100% why I`m interested in this one suddenly. But I am. So.

22232035 22706570

3. Tell us about a book cover that makes you think of spring.
In all honesty I need pretty extreme covers to make me think of any season at all, and none that remind me of spring come to mind. Soz!

4. Where are you going to read this spring?
I`ll be reading a lot on the train, and I`m often tempted on sunny days to leave for the train earlier than usual so I can sit in the sun at the station to read some more while nice and warm. Or at least I hope I`m nice and warm. You never know around here! I also read – like I often do regardless of the season – during dinner and/or before going to sleep.

5. Find a cover with the sun on it!
After searching through my books, I could find a grand total of 1 book that has a sort-of sun on it. At least I think it`s the sun. Maybe?
Can you spot the sun coming up behind the mountain there?  yes, this is legit the best thing  I could find.

Can you spot the sun coming up behind the mountain there? Can you see it? Maybe if you squint? No. Oh. This is legit the best thing I could find though. I swear there`s a sun or some kind of other galactic body there.

To make up for it I do have at least one book with the word “sun” on it though! Does that count?


6. What are your favourite springs reads?
I don`t know. I have a couple of designated winter reads (that are arguably perfectly readable in other seasons), but I don`t otherwise adapt my reading to the season. Everything else in my life I do change, but books? No.

7. Find a book with many different colours on it.
For this, I went with this copy of Momotarou. My bookshelves are generally quite colourful, but I think this is one of the books with the most colours on the actual cover.

And that is it for my I Love Spring book tag! I hope you guys enjoyed, and let me know what your answers would be down in the comments below! Especially let me know if you have any spring reads you`d recommend to me.
Take care, and I`ll see you guys again soon!

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