100 movies in 2015: part two

Alright, who`s ready for the next 10 movies out of the 100 I want to watch this year! Yep, I reached #20 today, so I figured it`s about time for the next wrap-up. You can find the previous ten right here , if you`re interested.

The good thing about writing these things down, is that you get a clear picture of exactly the kind of movies you actually watch, instead of what you like to think you watch. As such, I`ve come to the conclusion that I mostly like light-hearted and easy to watch movies. I`m not too big on Serious, Dark movies. I definitely like my movies to be colourful and bright! This is actually something I already suspected for a while, but it`s good to see it confirmed in writing.

I also apparently love rewatching movies I`ve already seen. I think this is because I often just don’t have the energy to really go look for a new movie, and I like that I can just sit down and watch something I already know and like and that I know makes me happy. It`s just very comforting, which is usually what I need. That said, I do watch new ones regularly as well, so they`re not all rewatches!

Well then, let`s go and do some quick reviews!

11: Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day

I would like to start by pointing out that this entire movie is set in one day. Just one. Admittedly, they took the word “day” somewhat liberally, but it is still largely just one day and maybe a couple of extra hours. And they aren`t kidding around when they say miss Pettigrew lives for that one day, because wow is that one whirlwind of a day.

I really enjoyed this movie though. Of course, I love most movies with either Amy Adams or Lee Pace, and this one has both of them and a whole bunch of other great actors, a busy but interesting story, and though it`s not the most brilliant of stories, it`s still a very enjoyable movie that I do recommend if you like the 30`s/40`s, jazz music, the background threat of a war starting (but not a big enough threat to distract the people involved from the war between the different suitors). Watch this movie even if just for the reminder that your entire life can change in just one day.

12: Monsters University

The prequel to Monsters Inc, that I originally watched in the cinema when it came out here in the Netherlands and was, admittedly, a bit disappointed by. The second time watching I still didn`t really feel that satisfaction of a really good movie that gets you, but I did enjoy it more this time for some reason. A very funny and entertaining movie that`s great for any moment of the day, really.

I would also like to applaud this movie for it`s amazing message to my generation, who probably need this message the most: you don`t have to have a degree to get to where you want. There are different ways of getting there, that might take longer and take more effort, but it is possible. Sometimes life just doesn`t go as you planned, and that`s ok. And if that`s not a great message, I don`t know what is.

13: 10 Things I Hate About You

All my love for this movie. All of it. I love how cheesy this is, but original at the same time. I love how it`s a “chick flick” but also a Shakespearean reproduction. I love that this is not one of those movies where the main character is only interesting to boys once she becomes mainstream pretty, but instead gets to stay herself (as does the boy!). There is (extremely well done) character development – and not just for the main characters either but for almost everyone, there is a very young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, there is Tumblr-esque feminism except in the 90`s, there is also fantastically horrible hair and clothing. All in all, it`s an amazing movie that I can rewatch again and again and I absolutely recommend it.

14: Pleasantville

I know I have a thing for 50`s/60`s style clothing and for movies set in this time period. I also have an interest in social justice-y topics, and this movie? Has both. But not in the way you think. Instead, in this movie they took “coloured people” 100% literally and made a black & white tv-show where our two main characters get sucked into. Thanks to a 90`s real world upbringing, they bring some change in the perfect world of Pleasantville, and with change comes not only colour but also more divided opinions, racism, and a quest for identity and what you truly feel.

I love the way this movie deals with racism and segregation and with people`s lack of capability in dealing with change. I love how absolutely gorgeous this movie is, with the splashes of colour on a black and white background. I just love this movie.

15: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Okay, so, let me admit this one thing first: I really love The Devil Wears Prada. As in, “adore it and rewatch it semi-regularly”-love it. But when I noticed Netflix has Shopaholic, I wasn`t sure what to think. It felt like it might be one of those “not quite”-movies, that tried to lift on The Devil Wears Prada`s success but just didn`t quite reach that level.

And I was right. This movie missed…something. This could have been amazing, it could`ve been a brilliant commentary on consumerism and fashion and about what`s actually important in life. And it tried! But it didn`t quite get there. Instead, it`s just kind of ridiculous, over-the-top and lacking something I can`t quite put my finger on. It`s just..meh. If you`re going to watch this, watch it for Hugh Dancy who is probably the only redeeming factor in this whole trainwreck of a movie.

16: Hysteria

I think I first saw a trailer for this movie on Tumblr and thought “that looks both great and horrible at the same time”. But I decided to give it a go when I saw it on Netflix, and I have to say, I did enjoy it! It`s a very fun movie, the ignorance of the men in this movie is hilarious, the knowing looks of the women even more so. Hugh Dancy (yes, him again) is great as the doctor who spends most of his time very confused but also glad to be doing something even vaguely resembling medicine, while Maggie Gyllenhaal is perfect as Charlotte, the girl who knows exactly what she wants and has 0 confusion about anything.

Surprisingly subtle considering its topic, I really recommend this movie.

17: Zoolander

Now this one I watched mostly because of the announcement of Zoolander 2 during Paris Fashion Week, and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. To be quite honest: I`m still not entirely sure.

This movie was just so over-the-top and outright weird that I`m still not sure what to think of it. I think I enjoyed it? I just don`t know, really. I do know that I still like most of the movies I`ve seen with Owen Wilson, and I know that I have more and more respect for Ben Stiller and have stopped seeing him as a simple comedian and have started realising how good his work actually is. I`m not sure if I want to count Zoolander, but you have to admit the acting was, in its own distinct and totally weird way, good and on-point.

But I honestly can`t tell you if I recommend this or not. I do know the trailer gives a very different feel from the movie than it actually is, so keep that in mind when you decide whether or not to watch it.

18: X-files: I want to believe

I`m going to get my review for this movie over quickly, because I just kind of want to forget it exists. I loved the X-files series as a child, and I am excited about the news that we`re getting a new season. But this movie? Not worth it. Boring and unimpressive, it felt more like a stereotypical B-grade procedural show than a real X-files movie. Do not recommend it.

19: Bee Movie

I…. I don`t know what to say. I`m lost for words. This movie raised mostly questions for me: Why is this made. Why is this a thing that exists. How did they get proper famous people to join in. Is this a satire? Did I miss something? I don`t get it.

Let me warn you, having watched this so you now don`t have to: if you ever think “hm, Bee Movie sounds like a good idea, let`s watch that!”, please get someone to do a spontaneous ice bucket challenge on you. Trust me. It`s been about 26 hours since I finished watching it and I`m still confused and slightly in shock. I`m also 100% convinced that the entire crew was on drugs the entire time of production. There is just no feasible way whatsoever that reasonable and mentally sound people can make a movie like this.

20: Easy A

Aside from having a thing for movies set around the 50`s/60`s, I also love high school comedies like Mean Girls, 10 Things, and this one. Emma Stone is brilliant as Olive, the girl who gets pressured into lying about losing her virginity, which accidentally gets the rumour mill to go like mad. This movie is smart, hilarious, and one of my favourites that I rewatch every couple of months or so. I watched it today because I was introducing a friend to it (who loved it) and although she had to leave halfway through, I decided to continue watching it anyway because this movie is great. A definite recommendation!

As a bonus I would like to add the documentary Miss Representation, that rekindled my interest in media and representation. It`s a documentary I absolutely recommend everybody watches, even if you`re not American, as it`s good to be aware of problematic tropes in media. I`m not going into this too deeply now, since I`m saving that for a special blogpost, but for now I`d suggest everybody gives this one a watch!

If you`ve seen any of the movies above, let me know what you guys think of them! And if you have any recommendations for me on what to watch next, let me know down in the comments! I`m always looking for new movies to watch, but I could use some help every now and then. 🙂

For now, take care! And I`ll see you guys soon.

(PS: I just realised I forgot to write down Legally Blonde! I shall add it as #21 on my list and it will be first on the next list.)

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