Book review: Murder at the Vicarage (by Agatha Christie)

Title: Murder at the Vicarage
Author: Agatha Christie
Page count: 251 pages (Greenway Edition, hardback)
Rating: 5/5 stars on Goodreads


I picked up this book at a charity shop nearby, having found it for just 75 cents. I wasn`t about to leave it behind for so little money! It was my first Agatha Christie, and as I found out later, it`s also the first Miss Marple. Suffice to say I was excited about this discovery.

And I`ll say it straight away: I`m very glad I bought this book. I really enjoyed this. It was complicated, yes, and I suddenly understood the Doctor Who episode with Agatha Christie where Donna is constantly confused as to who is actually the murderer because of the amount of accusations flying around.

But it also reminded me of a fanfic I read years ago, which was also a murder mystery, and where I ended up going back through the chapters to map out all of the characters and their actions and their relations to each other (I figured out who the murderer was way too early, but boy did I enjoy figuring it out). I was so tempted to do the same thing again with this book, and I`ll probably actually do it the next time I read a Christie book.

Because, yes, there will absolutely┬ábe a next time. I may have found myself a new favourite author/genre…

So do I recommend this book?

Absolutely. Yes. Wholeheartedly: yes. This is one of those books that`s easy to read, that`s complicated enough to stay interesting but simple enough to not be an epic tome with 5 generations of families. It`s fascinating, you can`t help but think along and wonder who did it, and it`s just great fun.

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