Charlotte does YouTube: Casual Consumerism

New video! In which I talk about 1) the books I bought in February, 2) the books I read in February, and 3) some other things I bought in February.  And then wonder if I should be making these videos to begin with.

This video is made instead of the monthly book haul I had only just started doing on this blog, as a kind of experiment in whether or not I want to continue doing these kinds of things. Because I have a kind of love/hate relationship with hauls in general, for several reasons I won`t go into right now.

I`d really love to know your thoughts on this! Let me know if you enjoy this kind of content, if you`d like to see more of this, if there`s something you think I should change. I could really use the feedback!

And of course, take care, and I`ll see you guys soon 🙂

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