First 10 movies of 2015


I`ve always watched a lot of movies. There`s something about them, about getting a whole story in a short amount of time, that really fascinates me. The play between picture and sound and framing and editing, I love it.

That said, for some reason I never kept track of the movies I watch. Sure, I post reviews when I went to the cinema (which hasn`t happened in a while because I live in a rural area with only 2 smaller cinemas that often don`t have the movies I want to see or at a time that ensures I can`t get home afterwards), but actually keeping track of what I watch at home? Never done it, until this year.

As you can see from the picture above, I`m also trying to get to 100 movies this year. Since I`m only at 10 now, it`s already kind of questionable if I`m going to be able to ever reach it, but as long as I`m still enjoying myself I don`t particularly mind if I reach it or not. It`s just nice to have a goal, you know?

So this year I actually started writing down which movies I`ve watched completely, and although this isn`t a very good year for movie-watching yet, I hit the 10th movie earlier this week and decided to give you a round-up with quick reviews! So here, in order, are the movies I watched so far.

1: The Aristocats 
I don`t know why I`ve never seen this movie, but there we go. I watched it for the first time at the beginning of this year, and I have to admit it: I didn`t particularly enjoy it. I`m very un-opinionated about this movie, and found it to be very forgettable. It was ok while I watched it, but I doubt I`ll be rewatching it anytime soon.

2: Oz the Great and Powerful 
This movie. This. Movie. God did I hate it. It not only made me hate James Franco without knowing anything about him, which I know is unwarranted (but something about him ticks me off and makes me want to avoid him). But it also made me feel sorry for all those women in this movie who ended up in a misogynistic piece of shit film seemingly made solely for the sake of boosting Franco`s ego. It`s pretentious, cringe-worthy, predictable and cliche, and I do not recommend it to anyone.

Pretty scenery though.

3: Muppets Most Wanted 
I`ve loved the Muppets ever since I was a wee little kid, and that love has never diminished. This movie just confirmed that love once again, with its sheer ridiculousness right from the very start. Sure, it could do with less Actors Pretending To Be Funny (I`m looking at you, Ricky Gervais) and with more Random Cameos By Famous People (I had to go back for a moment when James McAvoy suddenly showed up), but overall I really enjoyed this movie and would happily watch it again.

4: Frankenweenie 
I don`t know what it is about movies like Frankenweenie, those seemingly innocent and cute-sy movies about terrible monsters and nightmares, but I keep watching them and I keep having to pause them because I get too nauseous. This one was no exception – I got literally physically nauseous about 2/3rds into the movie and had to struggle to finish it. I`m sure there`s a big audience for these movies, and I do love The Nightmare Before Christmas, but they`re just not for me.

5: Tangled 
I`ve lost count of how often I`ve seen this movie. It`s my go-to movie when I feel down and need cheering up, and it`s my go-to movie on a lot of other occassions, too. I`ve seen it often enough to know all the songs word by word, and to be able to talk along to some of the scenes. I`m 100% certain this wasn`t the last time I watch this one. All my love for this silly and cute movie.

(Pro tip: find the little extra promotions for Tangled on YouTube. They`re hilarious.)

6: Maleficent 
One of the many epic live-action retellings of classic Disney movies we`ve been getting lately, I`ve seen this one get a lot of bad-rep, but I actually quite enjoyed it! I thought Angelina Jolie did a marvellous job as Maleficent, the story was changed enough to be interesting and surprising, the setting is pretty in a kind of cliched way, it was definitely an enjoyable movie, though I`m not sure if I`m willing to rewatch it. As a one-off, it`s a good one though!

7: Inkheart 
This was something of an accidental find on Netflix, but boy am I glad I found it! This movie is perfect for lovers of 1) books, 2) Brendan Fraser and 3) epic adventure tales like the Mummy. I hit all 3 of those, so this movie, with its characters from books being brought to life, with its people with magical skills related to books, with its epic chase through Europe, it had everything I could ever want from a story. I will definitely be picking up the original books by Cornelia Funke at some point, but for now just the knowledge that this movie exists makes me very happy indeed.

8: The Mummy 
Let me just copy a bit from the previous movie: “This movie is perfect for lovers of 1) books, 2) Brendan Fraser and 3) epic adventure tales like the Mummy.” Enough said, really. Again, not the first time I`ve seen this absolutely ridiculous and delicious (and racist, but I`m willing to ignore it for the sake of enjoying this) movie and definitely not the last time.

9: The King`s Speech
Probably the most serious and down-to-earth movie out of the entire list, this movie is a bit on the pretentious and “look at our pretty cinematography!” side but still interesting and pretty (in, again, a cliched arthouse-y kind of way that mostly consists of putting the characters in the corner of the screen instead of the centre). But I have yet to see both Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in roles I didn`t like, and the combination of the two of them is a strange one but a nice one. Still, I would`ve liked for this movie to be a bit less long and slow and awkward, but that might be the adventure movie lover in me talking. And don`t be fooled by the speed and the comedy that`s suggested in the trailer – it`s a very serious and slow movie.

10: A Series of Unfortunate Events
And finally, another rewatch on this list and another strange adventure-y movie based on a book. I`m sensing a theme this year. Yet, despite having seen this movie several times, I`m surprisingly neutral towards it. Apparently there`s something about it I really love, despite being constantly mildly annoyed by Jim Carrey`s over-acting. Oh well. I`ll probably rewatch it again anyway.  I should also note here that I haven`t read the books (yet), but they – together with countless others – have been on my to-read list for ages. As soon as I own actual copies of them, as soon as I actually buy those. Which might take a while.

And that`s everything so far! There are a couple of movies I`ve given up or just…stopped…watching, for whatever reason. I`m also sure I`ll be keeping up the adventure genre for a while since that`s apparently a thing I very much enjoy.

If you have any other recommendations for me, let me know! And if you liked these kinds of posts, let me know down in the comments so I can keep it in mind for future blogpost ideas.

For now, take care! 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen all those movies and I really like them
    Great choices

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