Charlotte does YouTube: Day Out

Yes, I am aware this video still needs a better thumbnail. It will come. Eventually.


So basically, earlier this week I went on a kind-of-daytrip with a good friend of mine, who was doing a project for school and was lucky enough to go travel abroad for it. We went to a zoo, where they had a lightfestival going in the evening for Chinese New Year, I filmed a lot, and this is the result!

An important thing I should add: this is the first video I`ve CC-ed. This means there are now English subtitles available, and I am planning on working my way through my other videos to make at least English subs available on all of them. And from now on, I`ll also make sure there is no background music in videos when I talk.

There`s a reason for this: making my videos more accessible to people who have difficulty hearing or can`t hear at all. My hopes are to eventually also start including subtitles in different languages if there`s a need for that, so as to make them accessible to more people. This is based on the newer models of more popular YouTube channels, especially after Tyler Oakley talked about it online. We`re all working to make YouTube a better place for everyone, and I`m definitely including myself in that!

Still, for today, this is a fairly simple video, but I like it and am actually kind of proud of it. I`d love to hear your thoughts!

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