Feeding your tv addiction this January

January is a surprisingly good month for television, apparently. With no less than 5 (!) shows I`m currently watching, I sure do have my time filled. Sure, I`ve been watching some things through my recently-acquired Netflix (still in my free first month for a couple of days more!), but since this means they`re more than likely to be available on Netflix in the US and the UK and possibly in other countries as well, I`m adding them to the list anyway.

So here`s what I`ve been watching or am going to watch!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
I raced through the first season of this show pretty much as soon as it got added to the Dutch Netflix recently. If you want to know what my sense of humour is: this is it. This show has me cackling, actual cackling and laughing out loud and choking on my food and showing my parents the funny bits (which is pretty much just the entire show) and I love it. There have been only two shows that made me watch them during dinner (with my headphones on, completely ignoring my family), and this is one of them. The other one is Parks and Recreation, which I`ll tell you more about in a bit.

(I haven`t seen any episodes of season 2 yet, so please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments! Thanks 🙂 )


Agent Carter
First of all, how could I NOT watch this show. Marvel Cinematic Universe, post-WWII, with my favourite kick-ass lady being awesome as always. This show has everything. It has sass, it has power, it has Peggy using her colleagues` misogyny against them to get her way. I have yet to watch this week`s episode, having only seen the double pilot episodes, and although it was a bit over-the-top and verging on ridiculous, I loved every minute of it.

The Americans
I`ve been describing this show as “two Russian spies go undercover in Washington, pretending to be a married couple with children and normal jobs” which makes it sound like a comedy. It`s not. This is by far the most serious show in the list, and though I watch it sparingly (I`m still in season 1, again through Netflix) because it can be a bit heavy sometimes, I do find it a very interesting show. It has definitely triggered an interest in the Cold War and the USSR, which I`ll be reading up on slowly as well.

Parks and Recreation
Season 7 has started airing only this week on NBC, which means I still have to find a way to catch up on it. But boy did I love the other 6 seasons! The humour is actually very similar in this show and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and, okay, I`ll add Community to the list, another show I love). I have good hopes that season 7 will be just as good as the rest, and though I`m truly sad to see it go, I`m happy we got this great show to begin with.

TheMusketeer_s1thumbnail_01_web_NEWThe Musketeers (season 2)
Oh yes, my leather-clad ridiculous boys are back! I loved the first season and by now I`ve also read the original first book by Alexandre Dumas, and I can confirm that the show is loyal to the book`s style (and ridiculousness).

This time, in season 2, we get even more of the boys being silly and providing lots of casual fanservice, the girls being awesome (Constance and the Queen being friends!), the king being horrible, and a new villain now that Richelieu has unfortunately left the court to go travel through time and space in a blue box with Clara Oswald. The first two episodes of the Musketeers have been a lot of fun already, so here`s to hoping they keep it up!

So this is a summary of what I`ve been watching. Let me know what you guys are watching or if you have any recommendations! I`m sure there are better ways to spend my time, but let`s face it, this is very enjoyable so I don`t mind.

Take care, and I`ll see you all again soon! 🙂

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