My favourite fictional villains

I just saw a video about favourite villains in books, and it really got me thinking about who my favourite villains are. So I decided to make a list!

This is based on the books that I currently own, as I am really bad at remembering what books I`ve read and loved but don`t own anymore. I barely even remember most of the stories and character names from the books I do own and have reread, so, this should be interesting.

I`d like to note here that, after staring quite long at my bookcase, I have come to a couple of conclusions: I actually have a lot of books without a specific villain. Instead, characters are dealing with situations or struggling against the (social) laws of their time. There are also a lot of books where the main character is, in a way, their own villain. However, in the books that did have actual villain-type figures, most of my opinions on these villains can be summed up with “what a dick”. But I`ll try to contain my feelings a bit and actually say something about them in more than 3 words.

My top 5 of favourite fictional villains (all from books, and in no specific order):

1) Metatron (His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman)
Now I don`t want to spoil the story to people who haven`t read it (what are you even doing here if you haven`t read this trilogy), but Metatron, oh Metatron. I mean, yes, there are lots of villains in this trilogy. Ms. Coulter should be in this list (and now is). Arguably, the entire church is one, really. But Metatron does stand out quite a bit in his evil-doing, even if he doesn`t really show up until the third book.

But for some reason, in my mind, Metatron stood out as a villain-y type much, much more than pretty much anyone else.

2) Pitch Black/Kozmotis Pitchiner (Guardians of Childhood, by William Joyce)
Oh Pitch, you break my heart every time I think about you. If you`ve only seen the movie (Rise of the Guardians) then I do recommend reading the chapter novels, even if just for the imagery, the drawings, and Pitch`s background story. Again, without spoiling too much: Pitch wasn`t always evil. He had a family, a daughter, a home. And once you see what happened to him and how he became this evil Boogeyman? Trust me when I say it`s sad, very sad.

Still a villain though. If luckily not a particularly lethal one, but then – no one wants to have nightmares forever either.

3) Claude Frollo (Hunchback of the Notre Dame, by Victor Hugo)
I do love my complicated villains. Claude Frollo is smart, incredibly smart. He also does start out as a good person: caring for his brother, doing a good job at his studies and his, well, whatever it is a priest does in that time in Paris. It`s very interesting to see how he goes from an albeit fairly stoic and cold but still arguably caring and good person, to this utterly depraved villain who spirals out of control with lust for a young girl.

Oh, and if you want ALL the feels, listen to this song while reading the book:

4) Mayor Prentiss (Chaos Walking, by Patrick Ness)
Another case of people who spiral out of control, Mayor Prentiss is another complicated but very interesting villain. At times something of a father figure to Todd, he is manipulative, cold-hearted, and really just plain insane. Let`s be honest here – all that time on that new planet has not done him any good.

In all honesty though, part of what makes these books so great is that literally all the characters are questionable. No one is morally right, they all mess up all the time, they all have their own agenda. Some are just a bit worse than others, and Mayor Prentiss is one of them.

Now, repeat after me: I AM THE CIRCLE AND THE CIRCLE IS ME.

5) Voldemort (Harry Potter, by JK Rowling)
I mean, come on, totally obvious choice. Though I did ponder between Umbridge and Voldemort for a while, but then decided to go for Voldemort after all.

Though now I think about it… You know what, let`s just keep it at both of them. They both suck. I have no words to adequately describe their villainy.

So that`s my (current) top 5 of Evil Villains! What are your favourite villains? Let me know in the comments below!

And in the meantime, of course, take care! Please don’t hang out with any evil manipulative villains.

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