Charlotte does YouTube: 2015 resolutions

First video of the year! In which I talk about my resolutions – again – except this time you can see my actual face. With pink lipstick. Because I own like 2 lipsticks and this is one of them. If I look tired, it`s because I am always tired and I`m not wearing any other make-up than lipstick and mascara because I`m 1) lazy and 2) allergic and 3) very lazy.

Another note: as my camera is still sort-of broken, this is the first time in a while that I actually talk into my camera and I`m not used to it anymore so apologies if sometimes it`s…loud. It`s what you get from doing voice-over a lot.

That said, I was happy to find that editing is about a 10000x easier now that it was all actual video files with sound, instead of the loose clips without sound or a whole ton of pictures I had to frame and edit manually and then add voice over to which in turn needed editing. This video was easy to edit. I am happy about that fact.

Either way, I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think, don`t forget to like and subscribe and, oh, you know how this whole thing works by now.

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