Happy holidays!


Hey guys,

I just wanted to drop in quickly to wish everyone who celebrates christmas a happy christmas. To everyone who celebrated Hanukkah, I hope you had a good time. And to everyone who celebrates Kwanzaa in two days, have a happy Kwanzaa!

Of course, if you celebrate something else around this time, let me know! I`m always interested to learn more about other cultures.

And if you don`t celebrate anything? Well, then I wish you a very happy and calm couple of days while no one is outside. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

I`ll be here in between christmas and the new year for a couple of special round-up blogposts, but for now I`m off to celebrate my own 25th birthday with my parents (good food and books coming right up!) and to celebrate christmas with my family tomorrow.

Stay safe, everyone, have fun, and take care 🙂

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