A goodbye to “letters to autumn”

For the past while, I`ve been doing a series on YouTube called “letters to autumn”. I`ve talked about it before, but just to explain a bit: it`s a series based on Carrie Hope Fletcher`s Letters to Autumn which she did this October. She, in turn, based it on Emily Diana Ruth`s Letters to July. It consists of short letters to a specific month or season, with just musings on things.

Although it`s meant to be daily, I am apparently not capable of such a thing. Really. I`ve tried doing a vlog-every-day-for-a-week type of thing. Didn`t work out. I`ve never managed to keep up for more than 3 or 4 days in a row. So to take on something like this is ambitious for someone like me.

As such, although I extended my letters to autumn beyond just October and through entire autumn, I still only uploaded 10 videos in total.

As autumn is officially ending soon, and I don`t think I`ll have much time for more of these in the next couple of days with my birthday and christmas coming up, I decided to end it today. You can watch the final video right here, or you can go visit the playlist and watch the entire series in one go.

Either way, I did enjoy making these, and might try again next year.

Until then, I hope you enjoy these 10 little videos.

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