Rising Day Celebrations: an In The Flesh video tribute

Hiya guys! Just a quick update to let you know that I`m still making videos. I made one today as a sort-of tribute to one of the best series I`ve seen in a long time: In The Flesh. I`m very passionate about this show, as I identify very strongly with the main character, Kieren Walker. It`s a very dark and dramatic show, yes, but I do love a good show that deals honestly with topics like mental illness, discrimination, extremism, and that has a lot of LGBTQ themes plus well-written characters, both male and female. This show doesn`t just add a “strong woman”, instead we get a whole bunch of interesting, full-fledged female characters.

Unfortunately, even several months after first writing about this show, there`s still no disclosure from the kind folks at BBC about whether or not this show will be continued into a season 3.

However, the fans are not just sitting around and waiting for news. In The Flesh is currently in the finals of the Radio Times TV Show Champion, and it`s up against Sherlock. If any of you are voting and are willing to help out, please do vote for In The Flesh. Sherlock is certain to be renewed for a long time to come, whereas In The Flesh is not certain about any future whatsoever. Help a small show out, and give us a vote, okay? Awesome!

Secondly, right as I`m typing this, the fans are trying to get #saveintheflesh trending on Twitter, or at the very least trying to get some noise going and getting the attention of BBC Three, BBC America, and pretty much anything that might possibly help decide to give us a third season.

And of course, one of the best things you can do? Watch the show, preferably on iPlayer (if it`s still up), and buy the DVD if you like it. Make the numbers count.

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