General update: thank god November is over

Right, so I promised I`d tell you guys some more about November and NaNoWriMo, didn`t I? I did.

Well. NaNoWriMo is finished. I hit the 50.000 words mark in Word Saturday night at around 3 am. I did write about it when it was done, but I`m still so happy with winning. I didn`t actually believe I could do it, but then I did. I could probably wax poetically about Learning Things and Perservering but, no.

November was such a hectic month, though. Life kept happening, and I kept having to write in the middle of the night as I otherwise just didn`t have the time. I barely read any books, save for when I was on a train going somewhere else. I don`t think I watched any movies, full stop. I stopped watching most television. There was just no time.

Now December has rolled around, and I get to focus on different things now. I had an interview for a possible internship yesterday, so I have good hopes to finally have something to do and get some work experience. It looks like a fun – if extremely ambitious and slightly unrealistic – job to do. But I don`t have it yet, so, fingers crossed.

I`m also back to focusing on making videos again. I uploaded a new Letters to Autumn earlier this week, which you can watch here:

I`m working on quite a lot of videos this month. I can`t promise they`ll all make it online, but I`m trying, and that`s what matters, right? It feels good to be making videos again though. I`ve had so many ideas over the past month and so little time to actually work on them. I`m hopefully filming one this afternoon that`ll go online tomorrow.

I`m trying to use the momentum in terms of productivity from November, and trying to keep it going through the next couple of weeks so I can keep making stuff.

So keep an eye out here for new things hopefully arriving regularly! #nopromises.

Now, I`m off to watch NASA`s Orion launch. See y`all later. Take care!

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