NaNoWriMo 2014: winner!


Just a quick update – it is, after all, 3.30 AM here and I have a busy day tomorrow – but I wanted to let you all know I just validated my novel and with 50.149 words (apparently?) I have officially finished NaNoWriMo 2014!

I don`t know how, as this month has been absolutely insane, but I did and I`m very proud of this!

I am also very happy with the general direction of the book, and although it needs a lot of editing and rewriting and actual planning, I actually (at least, right now) feel kind of serious about working on this book. Which is probably something I`ve said every year, but you know. Whatever. I like this book, and I like the thought of one day having it published.

One day. Definitely not any time soon.

And now I need to go to sleep, so, see you all soon!

Take care 🙂

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