Too much writing, not anything else happening

I know I did a blogpost recently called “too much baking, not enough writing” and the opposite is true right now: too much writing but nothing else happening.

For real: I`ve been writing so much my fingers are starting to hurt.

(I`m loving every minute of it.)

Last week, I`ve had my first article published on an actual organisation`s website. I`ve been doing volunteer work for a local LGBT organisation, who organised a “study and inspiration day” for teachers in the area on how to deal with, for example, trans children in their classroom. I was there that afternoon, took 3 pages of notes, then wrote a draft (a draft!) that was already deemed good enough to post online. Although my colleagues did “add some changes and comments for entertainment and education”. I opened the file they send me back to find about 80% of my text red, underlined, and at least 10 comments in the sidebar. Thanks, guys.

At least there`s an actual article published though. I`m very pleased with that, to have something I can refer people to, to say “I wrote that”.

Aside from that, I`ve still been doing the “2 job applications per day” thing, so that`s two letters, plus a lot of searching and e-mailing. I`ve also started another new blog for this purpose (in Dutch, not linking to it because I like to keep these two worlds separate).

Then there`s also, of course, nanowrimo. I`m still about 3000 words behind, though I also wrote 3000 last night so I`m still hoping I can make it. Nanowrimo, for me, is always two separate files: one with the actual story itself, and one with all the notes, the characters and their traits/families/background/clothing they`re wearing/etc. That`s where I map the plot, keep track of where the story is going, which phrases I want to use, etc. And some bits of encouragement and reminders to myself.

This year`s nanowrimo is so much fun though – my characters get send to different worlds, so everytime I don`t know how to continue one world, I`ll send them someplace else. They`ve already been in Prohibition Era Detroit, a spaceship infested with weird creatures, Superhero!New York, and are now in a zombie story. This is honestly the best part – I get to sample all these different styles and see how the same characters respond to it all. It`s so much fun.

I have one or two YouTube scripts ready, too, although I haven`t found the time yet to actually make the videos. But at least the scripts are written.

And still. All of this writing, and then the realisation that I`m still stuck at home without a job.

Maybe, one day, all of this will lead to something. That`s the dream, I guess. But for now I`m worried it`ll stay just that: a dream.

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