Too much baking, not enough writing

Baked cheese cake I made from scratch.

Baked cheese cake I made from scratch. No that`s not my age, it`s my mum`s.

I generally refer to myself as a writer rather than a cook or a baker. I love writing, I love cooking. I`m not a baker, I cannot even pretend to be a baker in any capacity, it`s not a hobby of mine and I usually avoid doing it.

And yet I`ve spent most of the weekend – and part of today – baking things instead of writing.

There was a good reason for this: my mother`s birthday. I already promised to help her bake a ton of stuff for the sort-of-high-tea she wanted to do, but then she broke her arm last week. Luckily my father jumped in but I still had to do a lot of baking.

There were a lot of leftovers too, which I worked into a Dutch classic today (at least, the Dutch wikipedia page tells me it`s Dutch – I have serious doubts about this). I`m really proud of how this has turned out, as I mess up baking all the time.


Breadpudding – leftover bread, with a mixture of milk, egg, cinnamon, sugar, and honey, put it in the oven for 30 minutes on 200 degrees Celcius then left to cool in the oven.

This past week has been an insane week for me. A lot has happened in my personal life that has really messed me up. I had massive health anxiety last night, and couldn`t sleep for hours. I`m behind on nanowrimo, I can barely keep up with other tasks I need to do, let alone blogging and videomaking. I`m trying, I`m working very hard at the moment, but it still feels like I`m failing constantly on every level.

So whenever something then does turn out right – like this bread pudding, easy and unimportant as it may sound – it means a lot to me. No matter how tiny, I`m so happy this turned out right.

You really do start counting the small things when nothing else seems to work out.

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