Booktober round-up

With a new week in a new month beginning, I`d like to reflect on last month for a bit. Give it a proper end, so to speak. It hasn`t been a good month in my personal life, though there have been good moments. But I did have a lot of fun with the Letters to Autumn videos (playlist here, if you`re interested – also I`m not quitting them yet! It`s still autumn). But more importantly for this blog: booktober.

I had so much fun doing booktober! I`m glad I managed to read all 4 books, and even finished way before the end of the month.

I also did the #bookadayuk tag on Twitter, and decided to share all 31 of them here for you guys!


October 1 – Book to curl up in front a fire with: The Crane Wife, by Patrick Ness.
October 2 – favourite fictional dog: Manchee, from the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness.
October 3 – a book I love from 2013 Cheltenham lit fest authors: I have no idea! Never heard of it before – time to catch up first 🙂
October 4 – one with a beautiful spine: I quite like my copy of Les Miserables!

October 5 – fav cinematic reference: not sure I remember any tbh! October 6  – first book bought in a shop (that I remember): The Secret History, Donna Tartt
October 7 – last book I bought at a bookstore: Expo `58 by Jonathan Coe
October 8 – (I forgot to do this one on Twitter, but here`s an answer anyway: best bookshop find: The Crane Wife, by Patrick Ness)
October 9 – favourite book about a bookshop: The Shadow of the Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon) (that counts, right)
October 10 – book with an orange cover: Specials (Scott Westerfeld) (Uglies #3) – black with orange letters counts, right.
October 11 – bought at a BAMB bookshop party: none, non-UK person )=
October 12 – fav bookseller recommendation: I`m usually the one recommending to booksellers :p
October 13 – nostalgic reads! A book that changed meaning later in life: His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman)
October 14 – I adore the title of this novel: Crusade in Jeans (Thea Beckman)
October 15 – best home in literature: the castle in Howl`s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones October 16 – most memorable adventure/journey in literature: The Time Machine (H.G. Wells) October 17 – the nearest book to you right now: Great Expectations (Charles Dickens). It`s on top of my to-read stack. October 18 – made me laugh in public: Warm Bodies (Isaac Marion) October 19 – book that made me cry in public: More Than This, by Patrick Ness. October 20 – favourite bookworm: Matilda, obvs. October 21 – a narrator I fell in love with: skipping today, as I don`t have one!
October 22 – a book that makes me want to travel: Treasure Island. October 23 – best book on diversity: my books are horrible, very little diversity (something I`m working on), BUT:
Picking one of the few diverse books I own: More Than This by Patrick Ness.
Also all recommendations welcome.
And in a weak defense for myself: I do own a lot of books from foreign authors, especially Japanese, I do read about different cultures.
I just barely have any books in the current Western sense of “diversity”
Doesn`t take away the fact that by far most of my books are by male, british/american authors. It frustrates me, too. Working on it.

October 24 – a hidden gem: the Guardians of Childhood series by William Joyce.
October 25 – most memorable food/drink moment: pretty much every meal in Harry Potter.
October 26 – best book on time-travel: The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells.
October 27th – favourite epigraph: these from Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.
Clarification: the one on the left says:

“You have known, O Gilgamesh,
What interests me,
To drink from the Well of Immortality,
Which means to make the dead
Rise from their graves
And the prisoners from their cells
The sinners from their sins.
I think love`s kiss kills our heart of flesh.
It is the only way to eternal life,
Which should be unbearable if lived
Among the dying flowers
And the shrieking farewells
Of the overstretched arms of our spoiled hopes.
Herbert Mason,
Gilgamesh: a verse narrative

The one on the right says:


The Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet II,
lines 147, 153, 154, 278, 279

October 28 – book with the best advice: More Than This, by Patrick Ness. The advice is to stay alive, so, yeah. Important. October 29 – most memorable fashion moment – Hermione`s dress at the Yule Ball.
October 30 – favourite experimental book – Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. – spookiest read: Childhood favourites are Groosham Grange, Krabat & the Dutch book for non-childhood favourites? The Mist, by Stephen King, and Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko.

Finally, Booktober may be over, but I`m still reading! Currently reading Tess of the d`Urbervilles. You can follow me on Goodreads to see what else I`m reading. Be warned though: I bookmark a lot of books I want to read.

That`s it! Time to move on to a new month with new challenges and new possibilities!

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