NaNoWriMo 2014

Yep, I`m doing it again.

For the third year in a row, I`m going to try my hand at writing 50.000 words of a novel draft, in just one month.

I`ve done it twice before, though I only made it to the finish line once (the first time). That first novel was a detective/crime novel set in New Orleans, that I didn`t do anything with after I finished. The second one? I have no idea. I literally forgot. I do think I tried last year, but I just honestly only remember not making it. I also remember trying Camp NaNo, and again, giving up somewhere halfway through.

This year, I`m taking it a bit more relaxed. I`ll see what happens. I`ve got an idea I`m working on, and if I can`t make it to the end, then I can`t. And if I do, great! Well done. But no problem if I don`t. The point is that I try.

Still, I like teasing involving you guys a bit, so for today I decided to share the first two sentences! Enjoy!

The only thought that crossed Sally`s mind when they ran away from the T-Rex was that she needed better shoes next time. For real, running away in a jungle is difficult in platform Converses.

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