On projects and `letters to autumn`

I am a project person. I love projects, I live and breathe projects. I like that they`re only temporary and that I can start something new when they finish. Often I don`t even wait to actually finish them but just start something new anyway, just for the excitement of a new project.

As such, I usually have a couple of projects running. They`re usually very much in the begin-phase, and 90% of them never go further than that. Actually seeing projects take off is rare, finishing them happens, well, almost never.

Both my blog and my YouTube channel are miracles. It helps that I consider my videos like separate projects, and I have/had series on both the blog and the channel that I considered separate projects in my mind.

My love for projects is one of the reasons why I want to work in television/film/media: all those projects you can work on, and when they`re finished you get to move on and experience something else. I don`t have much patience for being stationary, so this sounds pretty perfect to me.

I often get ideas for projects by watching other people go about their lives and doing their projects. As such, I`ve been watching Carrie Hope Fletcher`s “letters to autumn” and thought this might be a good project to try, to try out different styles and practice my cinematography.

So here we go, the first episode (only 35 seconds!) has gone online tonight. I`m not going to do this daily, to be honest I`ll be surprised if I make it weekly.

But I`ve been feeling the video-making-buzz again. I am swimming with ideas right now and can`t wait to get to work on them. I even managed to get up at 8.15 this morning just to see if the weather was good enough to go out filming (it wasn`t, so I stayed in bed and played the Sims). For someone who usually gets up at around 10 am, 8.15 is suddenly very early.

Give me a project to work on, make it sound interesting, and I`ll dive right into it. And my YouTube channels are two projects I`m very proud of.

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