Book review: the Secret Keeper (Kate Morton)


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Title: The Secret Keeper
Author: Kate Morton
Page count: 602 (with acknowledgements etc., mass paperback version)
Rating: 4.5/5 stars (5 on goodreads)

*SPOILERFREE REVIEW. It`s safe to read if you don`t want spoilers. If a spoiler did slip in, let me know.

For some reason entirely unclear to me, I kept putting off writing this review. Maybe I just didn`t feel like writing, but somehow there`s something else as well. Maybe it`s one of those books you want to keep close to you for a while, one of those stories that touches something in your heart and you`re a bit reluctant to share it with the world.

Still. I promised a review, so here we go. Time to send it out into the world.

This is one of those books I`d have never picked up myself. It`s not the type of book that appeals to me, it`s not something I`d have spend 10 euro on if I came across it in a shop somewhere. Instead, I got it from a colleague who finished it while on her shift. She`s an avid reader too, never goes anywhere without a book – sounds familiar, doesn`t it. Luckily for me, she thought this book was just “okay”, nothing special, and if I wanted to have it I could since otherwise she`d just throw it out.

So I took it with me (of course – who`s going to say no to a free book, let`s be real here). And to be honest it took me ages to actually start reading it. I kept putting it off to read other books instead. After all, if it was just going to be an `okay` book, and considering the completely different genre from usual, I`ll have more interesting things to read first.

But once I did start? I was hooked.

This book is really good. Not good in the way Patrick Ness`s books tend to completely blow me away, but the Secret Keeper is good. It`s so intricate, the way it goes back and forth between three different era`s, the way it connects them all. I was actually imagining the movie adaptation in my head (if it was up to me, I`d cast Meryl Streep as 2011!Laurel).

I thought several times during this book that I had it figured out, no way the ending was going to surprise me. And right up until the end, I was so wrong every time. This book is full of surprises and twists and turn after turn after turn until you`re dizzy but in the best way possible.

That said, it took the book a long time to pick up speed, which bothered me. About halfway through I did consider giving up. I thought by then I had it figured out, surely we`d been through the entire story, it was dragging on a bit and what on earth could happen anymore anyway. Luckily, someone on Twitter urged me to keep going, and once I went over that halfway-mark the book picked up speed and intensity and it became a lot harder to put it down.

So what did I learn from this?

For starters, this was another reminder to read diverse genres. I don`t like sticking to one specific genre, but this was a reminder to not be so picky and every now and then read something I would not have picked up usually. Broaden my horizons, so to speak. You never know what you might find that way.

This was also a reminder not to give up halfway through, as you never know what might happen in the second half. It`s a lesson that goes for a lot of things in life, not just for reading books, and it`s one I`ll do good to remember more often.

Do I recommend this book to other people?

Yes. Wholeheartedly, yes.

If anyone of you guys have read it or are planning on reading it, let me know what you thought/think of it! Always happy to see other people`s opinions.

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