A new rule for my book-buying addiction & update on what I`m reading

A while ago, looking at my huge stack of unread books and my lack of money to always just buy new ones (not that it stopped me in any way, let`s be real here), I made a decision:

from now on, I`m only allowed to buy a new book (two max) every time I finish five books from the big stack.

If I buy two new books, I have to read more before I`m allowed to buy new ones again.

This is obviously only going to last while I still have this massive stack. I`m technically supposed to run out of books at some point, if only  it weren`t for the fact that this stack just seems never-ending, never getting less. But for now, this feels like it`s a good way to finally get round to all those books I`ve been meaning to read but haven`t picked up for whatever reason.

This is also why I`ve been reading so many classics this year – they were all on my unread books stack but I kept buying new ones instead of reading the classics.

Now, this week, two new books arrived that I bought online. These new books that are the one at the top of the stack you see here, Necropolis: London and its Dead by Catharine Arnold, and one a bit further below called The Long War by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter (part 2 in The Long Earth series).

So as I bought two books, I made a big stack of unread books as well that I have to finish now before I`m allowed to buy new ones again. The whole stack, in case you can`t read it or if the version I have is in Dutch, is the following books:

Necropolis: London and its Dead (Catharine Arnold)
Sense and Sensibility (Jane Austen)
Het Rode Feest (Lulu Wang)  // The Red Feast
The Long War (Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter)
Hiding in the Mirror (Lawrence Krauss) – nonfiction
De Klokkenluider van de Notre Dame (Victor Hugo) // The Hunchback of the Notre Dame
Tess of the d`Urbervilles (Thomas Hardy)
London Lore (Stephen Roud)
Dagboek van van Gogh (collected by Jan Hulsker) // Diary of Van Gogh

(I`m not necessarily reading them in this order. Just saying. )

Some of these titles might be harder to find on sites like Goodreads. I know for a fact the last one isn`t on there. Some of these also might not be available in English, or very suited to write a review about. Still, at least you lot`ll know what I`m reading the next, oh, couple of months probably.

Also, don`t worry: there`s another stack of books waiting behind this one, so I`m not at any risk of running out of books anytime soon.

And don`t forget that you can always follow me on Goodreads to see what I`m reading and what I`m interested in.

(Currently reading: Necropolis. And I just finished Kate Morton`s The Secret Keeper so keep an eye out for that review as it should be coming soon..ish. I hope.)

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