Kojitmal does science on YouTube: London`s plague pits

Just a quick update that I posted a new video on my science channel, about the plague pits in London. It`s a surprisingly interesting topic, including but not limited to fraudulent churches, exploding coffins, and the underground metro having to take detours because of the amount of bones. 

I put a lot of time and work into this video, more than I expected to do at the beginning. I had a lot of fun making it, too, which was a good thing considering my depression has been getting worse again and I was fighting my way through it to make this video. (I`m so tired now.)

In fact, I enjoyed this topic enough that I also ordered a book about it called Necropolis: London and its dead, by Catherine Arnold. Some of the information in the video is already from this book, since I kept coming across it during research, so I can`t wait to actually read the whole book! 

Give the video a watch if you`re interested, and let me know what you thought of it! 

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