Book review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (by Seth Grahame-Smith)

Title: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
Page count: 336 (mass paperback)
Rating: 4/5 stars


I picked up this book several weeks ago at a clearance sale at a local bookstore. It was one of the few English language books, and it was only 2 euro. So of course I took it with me (I`m not one to just leave books that are literally screaming at me to be bought), I put it on my stack of to-read books, and there it remained for several weeks.

And then I picked it up yesterday, and barely put it down anymore. In fact, I continued reading until I finished it last night.

It`s written as a supposedly factual description of how Abraham Lincoln became a vampire hunter while also slowly on his way to becoming a president. It follows Abe from his childhood to his assassination (and then a tiny bit), and it`s written well enough that you have to keep reminding yourself that this is fiction, that Abe was not actually a vampire hunter, that he never met Edgar Allan Poe and that you should probably question everything that`s presented as fact (which is everything).

This book read a bit like a mix between World War Z (the book) and Interview with a Vampire (the movie), in one of the best ways possible. It`s not a special book by any means, it`s not super good, but it`s definitely entertaining. It hooked me immediately, at least.

One of the only qualms I have with the book is that at times it gets confusing as to who`s POV you`re actually reading. Most of the time you`re reading it like a biography, with descriptions by the author mixed with parts from a supposed diary written by Abraham himself. But then at times other characters will tell their story to Abe, and the entire lay-out just gets very confusing. (Maybe I`m just too tired.)

And as a more general warning: this books get very descriptive with the murders. It has blood and brains and limbs flying around, and not just thanks to the vampires. So beware for that. And, as this is vampires and civil war and all that, a lot of people die. As in, a LOT of people die. So keep that in mind, if you`re more sensitive to those kind of things. 

Still, for anyone who likes a bit of history mixed in with strange, evil creatures (and some gore): this is a good book for you. Pulpy, definitely pure entertainment and not to be taken seriously in any way, but a good way to spend a Sunday with nothing better to do.

And I will definitely be checking out some of the other books by this author.

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3 Responses to Book review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (by Seth Grahame-Smith)

  1. 210Darryl says:

    The book was great, but don’t waste your time on the movie.

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