Kojitmal does YouTube: Quietest Place

Quick note that I uploaded a new video to my main channel yesterday! 

It`s a response to one of the Art Assignment videos, namely the “quietest place” assignment, in which I go looking for the quietest place in my town – which is, surprisingly, quite a challenge despite this being a small town. You`d think small towns are quiet. Boy was I wrong. 

I also like to think videos like these are a nice change from the general noise of YouTube, so if you`re interested go check it out! 

I should point out though that I am by no means an artist, I know nothing about art, I barely made it through art classes in high school (except that one time I got a 10/10 that I still don`t understand) and I mostly just followed orders and went with that for a bit. So. Yeah. 

Have fun, while I`m off to the zoo with my family! 

Take care 🙂 

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