Movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


I have been procrastinating on writing this review. Part of that is pure laziness. I much prefer just bumming around on YouTube, doing other things, apparently, than writing a review about this film. Part of it is my disappointment. I enjoyed this movie! I really did. It made me laugh, it made me feel a sense of sadness at some point. 

Just not as much as I expected from the hype and the previews.

(Note: spoilers inside! Read at own risk)

Okay, let me explain: I thought this movie was pretty awesome. Groot was absolutely hilarious, I love him. I also love Gamora, who is kick-ass and deceiving and does not do what you expect her to do and who does not give in to romantic advances from someone she doesn`t like. She has other things to do than romance. You go girl! Another cool girl was Nebula, though I would`ve liked to see more of her. And maybe we still will, I don`t know.

Too bad they were the only two prominent girls in the movie (and just a few women in only semi-important roles or barely any role at all). Still, it`s progress from almost every single other Marvel movie except maybe Iron Man 2. So yey for progress, not so yey for only having two women.

Especially not yey for only having two women, and almost everyone else being a White Man With Tragic Backstory. I know there`s a tree and a raccoon and an evil blue/black dude and another evil blue dude (what`s with the blue) and some of the men have snazzy white hair and big coats and there`s I think one black dude? But once, JUST ONCE, I would like the lead role to be anything but a white dude with issues who is now a rebel and womaniser and/or a scientist with anger management issues. Steve Rogers doesn`t count – I love Steve to bits, he`s probably the best out of them all, but he`s also a fairly generic looking white man with a tragic backstory.

Also I`d like more women. And more coloured people. Even if just to shake things up a bit, because I`m so, SO bored with the Grumpy White Men trope.

That said, these complaints count for pretty much every Marvel movie and I`ve voiced them before. So what else?

Ah yes: Lee Pace. Who has left no impression whatsoever as whatshisname (R…Ro….Rob- no. Ronan. That`s it! Ronan. I think.). I know he didn`t get much chance with all the other actors trying to get screentime and all the make-up plastered all over his face which probably made talking and having, you know, actual expressions, a lot more difficult. But still, I was disappointed. I usually love him, I definitely think he`s an amazing actor, but this role was kind of wasted on him.

One more thing I just thought of is that this movie needs more continuity. You can`t have a joke about a character being 100% literal and all metaphors flying over his head (“They can`t fly over my head, my reflexes are too fast, I`ll catch them”) just to have him sit and nod through an entire speech filled with metaphors or have him call a girl a whore for no reason. Just doesn`t make sense.

But outside of all that, this is an okay movie. I appreciated the lack of romance. That was good. And to be honest, for an introduction to a whole new set of characters in an entirely different setting, this was pretty good. After all, they had so many characters to introduce, it was bound to be a bit generic and all over the place. But hopefully this means that in part 2 we can go full out and really get to work.

Now excuse me while I go watch that clip of baby Groot dancing again.

Take care!

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