I officially started my own science channel on YouTube!

Ringing it in with a video about sharks, for obvious calendar-related reasons, I`m very excited to announce that Charlotte Vlogs: Science is now a thing that you can watch!

I`ve been wanting to start a science channel pretty much since I first started YouTube, but I never found a way to actually do it until now. While the style is still limited and very basic, I do hope I`ve managed to give it a style of my own and I especially hope you all enjoy it (and preferably also learn something from it).

I am ready to be proven wrong a gazillion times each video, but what better way to learn, right? I`m still not sticking to a specific upload schedule as research can take a very long time. This video on sharks was a bit of a rush, and I worked on it more than fulltime for the past couple of days. But I had so much fun making this first video, and I`m really proud of it in all its simplicity.

So, if you`re interested, go give it a watch (and maybe a thumbs up), and let me know what you guys think of it!

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