My own meaning to regular wristbands

Earlier today, I posted this on twitter:

by wristband

It got retweeted by Benjamin Cook, which gained me a still-ongoing stream of favourites, and about 6 new followers, which is awesome (if any of you aren`t following me on twitter, go follow me here).

But that`s not what I want to talk about today. What I want to talk about, is the meaning of these wristbands for me. Because for me, these are more than just `showing my fandom` (even if that is a pretty big part of it – I also felt very colourful with these combined with my nailpolish).

Broadly speaking, all three wristbands/bracelets serve as reminders of my travels: the flower one I bought in Kyoto, Japan, the Doctor Who is from Cardiff, and the Becoming Youtube one reminds me of my first day in London last year. They remind me of the things I have managed all by myself, of my travels, and all the good memories and experiences I have because of my travels.

The flower one from Kyoto also serves as a reminder of Japan, of my time there and my time at the study here in the Netherlands. It reminds me of my perseverance, of the fact that I set a goal (to graduate cum laude) and then worked my ass off to reach that goal – and I did, in 2012. It serves to remind me of my first ever trip that I made on my own, and that I organised it myself and did it all myself and made it through just fine with no major mishaps (and the few problems there were? I managed to get through them on my own). It`s a reminder that I need to have some more confidence in myself and my ability to make it through stressful situations far from home, by myself.

The Doctor Who Dalek wristband stands as a reminder to not only always keep travelling, but also to keep that childlike wonder that the doctor has. It`s a reminder to be friendly, to help people to the best of my abilities, and a reminder that there`s always a solution, no matter how hopeless the situation. It`s also a reminder of a very difficult time (I have some bad memories of Cardiff and am not likely to return) but I made it through and things worked out – and the things that didn`t work out as I wanted? I learnt to deal with them anyway.

And finally the Becoming Youtube wristband stands as a reminder to keep pushing myself to do better, to keep working hard for my goals. It`s a reminder that it`s okay to take some more time, if it means I get to deliver better quality in whatever it is I do. Also, however mushy it may sound (this is your mushy-ness warning!), it reminds me of how much Becoming Youtube has meant to me. It helped me set new goals for myself, it motivates me to work on my own videos, it helps me think more critically about what I do and make, and basically it has kept me going for this long.

So there we go, the stories behind my wristbands. A bit more mushy than I intended, but here we are anyway. See y`all next time.

Take care!

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