On things never going the way I want them to

Last week I posted a blog, saying that I`d been contacted by the local newspaper to ask if I was still interested in writing for them.  I was, so I got a test assignment, and started interviewing and writing.

And then it went wrong. The organisation I was interviewing was giving me barely any information at all, I was stuck at half the character count I needed, there was no new information to be found online either. So last Friday, I e-mailed the newspaper with the article as it was, and an ask for help as I didn`t know what to do.

I never got a reply. They didn`t publish my article, and didn`t have the guts to tell me so. I had to find out by looking through the actual physical newspaper delivered at home.

On top of that, this week my camera decided it can`t film anymore. This is probably a SD card issue, but I don`t have the money to get a new, better SD card. This means that vlogging is entirely out of the question. I`m trying to work out some other ideas, but for now, I don`t know if I`ll be capable of making videos. Getting these problems just after relaunching my channel hurts, to say the least.

Encountering problems with making videos is not a new thing – every single video I`ve made has been a struggle. A struggle with both failing software (the editing software crashing or running out of trial days) and failing hardware (my laptop is incapable of processing videos anymore, and now the problems with my SD card). Still, though I might have always had problems, it`s starting to feel like I`m not supposed to make videos at all.

So I`m back at square one – AGAIN, and getting real tired of it.

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